Sunday, December 20, 2009

Way behind... again

Once again, time has gotten away from me and I haven't blogged at all! Eek! Here's a quick "week in review" for us:

-B turned 8 weeks old on Wednesday. The little stinker is up over 11 lbs! What a little chunk! :)

-I finished making Christmas gifts for my family and got them out in the mail on Friday- assured by the post office that they would make it to Seattle by Wednesday, definitely before Christmas.

-Received B's Christmas dress in the mail from my mom and dad- SO CUTE! It's a little sleeveless red number with embroidery- I will be taking and posting pics on Christmas. I heart it! I just hope it fits her- it's a 3/6 mos- but it does have a tie in the back where I can cinch it if I need to.

- Saturday Batman worked half a day since his company is a big sponsor of the Christmas Run. He dressed up in Alf the Bear costume and did a great job dancing around and hugging kids (or so he says... I wasn't there HA!).

- My BIL and SIL are in town with the kids so we spent pretty much the rest of the weekend at my IL house, "doing Christmas" with them (B got some pretty cool new toys! I'll talk about them in another post because I have some questions for you BTDT) and having a nice time.

-I'm down almost 35 lbs since having Brynna. Now only about 30-35 lbs to go (turns out I gained "slightly" more than I thought- about 47 lbs while preggo. Add to that, I gained a good 15 lbs while ttc- which I completely blame on Clomid- so I still have a ways to go).

-Batman finished his semester of grad school and believes he did really well. We won't have the official grades until after the first of the year, but he was acing his classes the last he checked :) Good job babe!

- Cheer is over for the year (we start back up Jan 12). We did a sock exchange for our Christmas party on Friday night and I got these AWESOME over the knee socks from one of the girls. Her reasoning behind picking those particular ones was because I have "long legs" and she can't wear socks like that- I'm 5'6" and she is 4'9"

- Kino has been on antibiotics since Tuesday and heads to the vet tomorrow morning for the teeth cleaning. Hopefully, the $400 quote they gave me won't amount to that ACTUAL amount (that is worst case scenario). If they don't have to pull out any teeth it will be much lower so keep your fingers crossed for that!

- We finally got our Christmas tree on Monday and got it up and decorated by Wednesday. I love how it turned out (I always do)- look for a post coming about our favorite ornaments!

I think that's about all this week. I hope everyone is alive and kickin' and has all their shopping done!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been busy...but in a good way! I can't believe your little one is already 8 weeks old! Time flies, huh?

Hope y'all have a fantastic Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe B is already 8 weeks. Time is flying! I hope you and Batman have a wonderful Christmas! :)

Happily Married said...

What a busy week for you guys! And 8 weeks?! HOLY COW time flies! How is it that you take a single afternoon to "relax" and you already feel behind the 8-ball again? The life in motherhood is certainly a LOT more busy than I anticipated!

Melissa said...

Wow, you've had a busy week! Congrats on the weight loss - the rest will melt off with breastfeeding. It's like the best diet in the world. ;-)

Can't wait to see pics of your Christmas tree - and of Miss Brynna all dressed up, of course!

Jen said...

It's okay, I'm a little behind in posting too. Good to know I'm not the only one!

It sounds like you have been busy! I can't wait to see Christmas pictures of B in her dress. I bet it is adorable!