Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The perfect season... what else is there to say?

We just beat the #1 defense in the country, we have the #1 corner back in college football, we have the #1 passing quarterback in the nation. It's now being debated that we should be ranked #1. (I think that's going a bit too far, but who am I to argue?)

Today, I am a very proud Bronco. Yes, very proud indeed!


Rikki said...

Way to go Broncos! The Horned Frogs deserved to lose just because of the ridiculous name lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Congratulations on your win! It was a great game.

Ahem, as an SEC fan (and someone who is married to an Alabama fan) I think there is much debate still to be had if your team should have been ranked #1 :) I'm not sure your passing QB could match the speed of the SEC :) But definitely enjoy your win!

Anonymous said...

Definitely congrats on your win, but like Michelle, as a die hard SEC fan, I think you will have a hard time defending the ideology of B.S. really being ranked #1 :-)