Friday, February 5, 2010

Votes are in

And # 2 it is!
I thought that one would be the coolest (ha that sounds weird), but needed more opinions. I think I am going to print out a few of the other ones and frame them too with some black frames we already have.

I'll post pics when I get it all done :)

Only 12 days left until we get to go see Batman and bring him home! :) He was able to email back and forth last night a little and it was SO fabulous! Almost as good as talking to him ;-)


Kitty said...

Yeah- I love the #2 pic!! That will look great!!! Sometimes it's hard to choose between pics of your baby bear! And glad I helped motivate you to blog on does keep you accountable and I'm determined to lose the weight before summer. The sooner the better! And horray for it almost being time to go get Batman and have him back! I know you're anxious!!!
:) Kitty

Happily Married said...

I LOVE the 2nd pic! So happy you were able to email back & forth with Batman. I remember the days of RB being gone well & I know how excited and anxious you are to have him back home. Hopefully it goes REALLY fast!

Rebecca said...

YAY! :)

Morgan said...

I posted a comment but it didn't show up a min. ago..weird!
Well this is what it said lol- Her pictures are abolutely adorabable...she is GORGEOUS! I would have voted for #2 too..I think it would look cute hanging in her room and she has the cutest little feet! :)
I don't get on Blogger much anymore but if you have a Facebook please find me on using my email or my name Morgan Burkhalter Owens