Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Brynna and I got out of the house early this morning and VOTED!

I just love exercising my right to vote! Is that weird?

I LOVE hearing my name called out "Tiffany W... has voted!" Do they do that in any other place but Idaho? Because they should.

I get such a sense of accomplishment and pride.

So whatever you vote for, just get out there. Make your voice heard today! Go VOTE!


Kimmygintx said...

Nope... I didn't even get a sticker this year! :( But oh well, at least I have the sense of pride resulting from doing my civic duty. Love it!

Anne said...

That's great! I didn't get that. I did get the standard issue sticker. My friends polling place was at an Italian restaurant, and they all got free pizza for voting.

Kitty said...

Hey chica! Just posted the pics! Go and see them! We are doing well and hope you are also. Wondering when you are thinking about #2.....We're thinking about TTC next late summer/early fall. :) Crazy to already think of that. Well I've taken about 2.5 months off from major exercise so I've got to get back to it and use my new running shoes and use my gym membership....gotta work it in. How's your exercise going>??? Email me at ccatsoon@yahoo.com
Hope you are well!
:) Kitty