Thursday, November 11, 2010

12 Months

I finally feel like I have some time to sit down and write B's 12 mo update. Sheesh! It's been busy around here. And she'll be 13 months in just 10 days... Where does the time go?


I didn't take any crib pics this time around. Call me lazy... maybe I should just go ahead and do it tomorrow? Ha! Better late than never?

She's doing pretty fabulous these days though. She's walking EVERY. WHERE. Which makes life interesting. I think I pick up our house 25 times a day, only to turn around and toys are everywhere again! Ah! She's a woman on a mission most of the time ;-)

Her stats from her 12 mo appt were:

Wt: 19lbs 8oz (25%)
Ht: 26.75 in (25%... I think)
Hd Circ: 43.25 cm (?%)

She's a petite little thing (which we knew) just like her mama (WAS... sadly those days seem to be gone forever...). Although one thing struck me as odd- at her 9 mo appt she was 27.25 in long. So apparently she shrank (shrunk?)? We measured her against the wall at home though and our calulations were a hair over 27.25, so I think our normal nurse was off a bit this last appt (we still love Amanda though).

She's still my little bald girl, but I think it makes all our bows and flower headbands that much more fun ;-)

She is eating almost exclusively table food. Really the only time we give her jarred stuff is if we are on the go. And even then it's not very often.

She's not saying too many words beyond "mama" and "dada" still, but we did just hear dog (daaaaa- while pointing at Kino) and duck (duuu- while holding her duck puzzle piece) and Batman swears she said Elmo (Emmo) just the other day- Wait maybe that should be in the 13th month update? Oh well ;-)

She FINALLY cut a couple more teeth right around her birthday. One on the top right and one of the bottom right (both next to her front teeth). Her grin looks a little goofy and lopsided, but I find it endearing.

She's still in mostly 9 mo clothes, but since we received mostly 12 mo sizes for her birthday, she's been wearing those more and more (plus it's getting mighty COLD around these parts... 45 for a high the last week YIKES!). Still in size 3 diapers and her CD fit about the same as always.

As of actually turning 12 months we were still BF, but that changed this week. As of Tuesday (Nov 9), she was officially done. And it didn't even seem to phase her one bit! Seriously! I thought it was going to be much harder! We've transitioned to a bit of rice milk at night before bed and with meals and then water during the rest of the day ("juice" is a pretty special treat and only when we go out to eat).

I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole weaning process. I was a little sad, a little happy. My boobs hurt today. Other than that, I think I'm just ready to move to the next thing... SERIOUS WEIGHT LOSS! (another post, another time)

Here are a few recent pics wev'e taken... oh and in her costume too! She had a great time trick-or-treating and by the end of the night had figured it out HA! She would walk up to the door with her hand out, waiting for her candy (that mom and dad ate). So CUTE!

Little Ladybug Trick or Treating
Figuring out how to get the good stuff
In her duck costume (yes, she had 2 costumes and yes she wore BOTH!)
In the bath- she kept trying to put bubbles on top of her head

Caught in the act of playing in the toilet paper
Checking out... something...
Looking a little guilty
Checking out her loot
Monkey Roenan- B's cousin (had to add this one- he is too cute!)


someday-soon said...

She's so adorable! It's wonderful to hear how she's doing a little after 12 months =) Good to know there isn't much drama with the weaning process. I'm hoping to make it to a year too...

Jen said...

Super cute! I can't believe she is one already! Boy oh boy does time fly by.