Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Huh? What's that you say?

Thanksgiving was a week ago??

Oh, right!

Well, Happy {Belated} Thanksgiving then ;-)

(Ack! My face looks like it's painted white! YIKES!! I promise I wasn't dressed up as a mime!)

Life has been super busy for us lately... what else is newMi? I feel like I never have a moment just to sit down and do anything for myself (aka blog) and when I do, I have been choosing to read (this series) again (I'm hoping Batman gets the hint and buys me the 7th/ newest book in the series) and to craft. I ended up making some super cute things for my sis, my mom and my alder brother for their birthdays. Well, mom's and ash's were cute...

Here's our life in bullets then, since I seem to be epically failing at this blogging thing:

  • Miss Brynna turned 13 months... YIKES! That's an upcoming update [**promise**]
  • Cheer season has begun- meaning lots of games, activities and the like
  • My cheer assistant was in Austria for 3 weeks- meaning I had to be at EVERY event instead of just 3/4 of them
  • We are cohosting a cheer competition in Dec, which has kept me hopping even more than normal
  • Batman did some odd jobs with his dad and his old work
  • Batman started back out at the base f/t for until the end of the year
  • We spent a weekend in Twin with Batman's brother and family
  • We spent Thanksgiving in Seattle with my family
  • We had a crazy snow storm on our way home from Twin, Seattle had one the day we were suposed to fly out (we ended up changing our flight for the next morning as our scheduled flight at 7:40 pm didn't leave until 12:15am- on top of that it took my parent's 6 hours to get home from the airport area! ), and then another one yesterday that dropped 8 inches at our doorstep. It was a little insane, but thankfully B and I didn't have to go anywhere. We just kicked it around the house
  • My team lost {devastation ensued} to Nevada... I still love our kicker though... he's from our town (and Batman's HS) so how could we not show the love?
  • Kino got to spend a week at our friends house, causing all sorts of ruckus with their 2 dogs, and even got to sleep on their bed... he lived like a king for 6 days straight
  • We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from the comfort (warmth) of my parents family room... then the next day froze our *you-know-whats* off the next day at the Macy's Day After Thanksgiving Day Parade in Sea-town
  • Brynna got to spend some time out in the snow, first with cousins, then with aunties and uncles, then with just me
  • I made my sister a cute shirt for her birhtday using a tutorial I found online. Then saw a shirt almost identical in Ol.d Na.vy on black friday... mine was, like so much cuter though
  • I made my mom a cute scarf using another tutorial I found online.
  • One of these times I might actually link to the craft tutorials I find, so you can actually see what I'm talking about

And I think that's it in a nut shell... or at least what I can remember (other than the updates on B that will be in another post- think teeth... and lots of them)

Hope all is well with your families and that you had a great Thanksgiving!


Shannon said...

Wow, you've been really busy!

I love it when you put bows on her head that are as big as her head! What a cutie!

someday-soon said...

No wonder you haven't had time to blog! Happy things have been the pics =)

Shannon said...

What a precious family you have! Not sure how I stumbled across your blog but so glad I did. Don't worry, this time of year is so busy for everyone!

Love the big bows too! I do the same with my 16 month old!

Happy Wednesday!