Monday, December 13, 2010

My neglected blog

I think I should just change the name to that officially. It seems like I never have time to get on the computer, much less update you all...

I think I just need better time management.

So here's the last couple weeks in bullets:

  • Cheer has been crazy busy- we had 4 games last week, plus an extra practice- which turned out to be for naught since the routine we were going to perform didn't happen
  • I've had 3 girls quit the team in the last 3 days and I kicked one of the guys off
  • Said boy was kicked off for being an idiot- misses practice to get a tattoo? Give me a break!
  • I think we all need Christmas break
  • Brynna has been thriving! Such a busy girl I have!
  • Batman started back out at the base f/t until the 22nd
  • The inside of our house is finally decorated for Christmas, but I think we are forgoing the outside this year. Everytime Batman was available to put up the lights, it was either raining or snowing like crazy
  • My sister was in a car accident- she was rearended by a guy with no insurance- lovely- and now her car is totalled
  • My older brother is going in for back surgery tomorrow morning
  • My dad has a colonoscopy tomorrow and a cystoscopy on Thursday
  • My parents car broke down last week- it's "fixed" now
  • My mom is stressed out like you wouldn't believe so I've been a bit of a sounding board lately
  • With all the rain the PNW has been having, my parents basement started flooding
  • Brynna turns 14 months old next week and I still haven't posted about her 13mo update... slacker mom
  • I got one of these babies from Batman- a belated birthday/ early Christmas present- and an attachment has formed... LOVE
  • With all this cheer stuff going on, I haven't been able to use said machine much... but soon my pet... very soon
  • I have one of our biggest fundraisers coming up on Saturday and somehow I've convinced Batman to MC...
  • Kino killed our resident squirrel today and ate most of it... I found the head and torso laying in front of the back door earlier this evening as I was cleaning up dinner... thankfully outside, not in
  • I'm afraid Kino is going to be sick in the middle of the night. All over my newly cleaned kitchen floor... or worse... the carpet
  • I'm trying to come up with Christmas gifts for my sis and little bro (Batman drew Ash and I drew Zac)... I really want to get Zac this, but they are sold out... and I can't knit or crochet to save my life- plus I'm poor and $50 for a hat is not in my budget... time for plan B?
  • I've decided to go on the "no food" diet... seriously
  • Not seriously, but I have to do SOMETHING... need to lose weight

I think that's all for now... I really will try to get a post up for B's 13 mo update... sometime BEFORE she turns 14 mos!


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Mandy said...

HAHA! Funny post!! Glad you're back, just for a second anyway