Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crafts... with Pictures!

Well, in my usual slacker style, I didn't get everything documented in pictures before I sent them off to my family. But since we did pretty much the same presents for Batman's family, these will have to suffice:

For the grandparents:
The ornaments have B's handprint painted on them with glitter inside and a "dangling" picture of her royal cuteness. The plaque, I made with my new Sil.houette machine (have I mentioned I LOVE it?! 'Cause I am kind of infatuated). Obviously the one I made for my parents has their last name and not my IL...

(In retrospect I would have measured and centered their name instead of just winging it...)

For the Aunties and Uncles (and cousins!):
Each one has their first initial on it- also made with my lovely new machine-

Since I drew my little bro, I made him this:

It's a "prayer board" where he can put pictures and little notes of who and what he's praying for (He asked for it, if you can believe it. The punk wants to be a pastor... go figure)
(again in retrospect- I should have measured the ribbon spacing instead of just winging much for that now thought)

Batman technically drew my sister's name, but since he's not all that crafty, I whipped up her gift... and since I'm a slacker I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it off, but here is where I "copied" it from. Also made with my new machine ;-)

For the cousins:

We got a stuffed animal thingy for my youngest nephew... it's called a hug (B has one too- hers is purple). We got it at a local craft fair in November (handmade but not by me) and I thought it was fun:

And my other neice and nephew got these books (the first and second).

I'm {fairly} happy with how things turned out. And did I mention I'm loving working with my new Silh.ouette machine? Thanks again Batman!!
So there you have it folks: Our handmade Christmas!

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lifeofaleo said...

i love your crafty ideas!! i've been making a lot of Ellie's nursery decor too, you get such a sense of accomplishment knowing you made things yourself, and they are totally unique! that nifty machine of your looks like SO much fun, and something i might have to add to my wish list!! DH thanks you ;)