Wednesday, December 22, 2010

13/14 months!

Epic Fail. That's how I would describe my getting up a 13 mo post before the 14 mo one. Ha! So instead I've chosen to combine them... hopefully, this won't be a pattern ;-)

So Brynna has gone from being my "baby" to an active toddler! Oh my! The last couple months have been crazy for her!

Between 12 mo and 14mo she popped out 6 new teeth! She now has the 4 front on both top and bottom and all 4 of her molars. It's been quite an ordeal though. There weren't too many sleepless nights, but the few we had were doozies I tell ya! Hopefully, she's got a reprieve for a while?

She is walking EVERYWHERE. No more crawling in this house. And she seems to be figuring out "running" as well. Although that usually ends with either running into a wall (she takes after her mother) or tripping over her own feet (also like her mom).

She's still not saying many intelligible words. She still says mamma and dadda and duck (du) and dog (do) but not much more than that. It seems that du and do have various meanings though. She will point out a duck and say "du" but then she will do the same thing with Elmo or the Christmas tree ornament or the food on her plate, so who knows? Batman is a little worried that she doesn't say too many words yet, so I think we will bring it up at our next dr appt. I'm not overly concerned, but we will see next month :)

She "seems" to be growing however, she still fits into a lot of her 9 month clothes. Most of her 12 month stuff still looks a bit big, but since they are most of her warmer clothes, that's what she wears ;-)

Her feet seem to finally be growing a bit. She now wears a size 4!

We are still in size 3 disposables and her BG CD still fit nicely... I'm not sure they will last until she's potty trained though. They are let out to the biggest size and if she gets too much bigger, I don't think they will last. Anyone else thinking they may have this issue? We have plenty of "bigger" homemade CD so I'm not worried, just curious if they BG will really last.

We still CD most of the time. When we travel of course we switch to disposies (since I can't exactly do laundry on the road), but when we are home and around town, it's cloth all the way. And now it's been made easier as Batman and I purchased THIS (and the dryer too) on Sunday- and they were delivered Monday- and I LOVE them!

Brynna is eating all table food now- which at times can be a challenge since we like her to eat what we eat... and we've been eating a lot of salad lately. Haha! Thankfully, most of the salad toppings are things she will eat, like beans, softer veggies, couscous, quinoa, tofu, rice, "meat" crumbles, etc.

We had our first big snow storm just after Thanksgiving here and Brynna LOVED playing in the snow! Here's a look:

Eating it was fun too:

She LOVES reading books and even "reads" to Kino sometimes:

She discovered some of the fun things about Christmas these last couple months too like trees and ornaments:

The Wiggles (yes, I know she's not supposed to watch ANY TV until she's 2, but sometimes we just need a break from our normal routine... please don't judge):

Christmas crafts:

Macy's (Day After) Thanksgiving Day Parade (in Seattle):

It's fun seeing her figure out things. You can almost see the wheels turning in her head as she figures out how to reach something, or open a drawer, play in the dogs water, open doors, push buttons (the dishwasher especially), figure out the shape finder, make elmo "talk," etc.

She gets more and more personality by the day and one of her favorite games lately is "hide-and-seek" She loves to "hide" and wait for you to find her and she really loves finding Batman or me. It's the cutest. thing. ever!

And that's all I can think of... I really am going to try and be a better blogger- up tomorrow (hopefully) are all the Christmas gifts/ crafts we made!


Shannon said...

Looks and sounds like she's doing great!! My son is almost totally daytime potty trained and he still wears the BG cloth at night. He's 3 and 2 months. I'm not sure if they'll make it through nighttime potty training, but we'll see. They do seem a bit small, but they're still working.

The pictures are all great! She's so cute!

someday-soon said...

She is just too darn cute! Thanks for all the pics. Sounds like everything is going great. Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday =)

Ella said...

Great update! I love the photos - especially the one where she has a hand print on her forehead! HA! Can't believe she is 14 months already....

Melissa said...

What a beautiful little girl! It sounds like she is growing up fast - walking, talking, wow! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. :)

Kitty said...

Oh I loved reading about B. She and V seem to be at so much of the same place! V grew 6 teeth from Oct-nov and now we have 4 more coming. :) Anyway, I hope you are well! Your LO is so cute! Be in touch and let me know how you are!