Thursday, January 15, 2009


So Batman received P90X from my parents for Christmas along with a set of click-weights. He was so excited because really it was the ONLY thing he truly wanted. He/ we read through all the materials, took a look at the nutrition plan, although we won't be following it since we read this book and the P90X plan is kind of a joke compared to it. We watched the "bring it" video. He was totally pumped! I was happy they listened and got it for him and was really excited to get started with it myself... now I'm not so sure.

For the past 4 days we have been going through the program and while I am excited to lose weight and get healthy, I'm not so happy about the way my body feels. I realize they say "no pain, no gain" but did they really mean so much pain that I can't even move my fingers to type without something hurting? Sheesh! The only thing keeping me going is knowing I WILL lose all the weight I have gained since starting this last round of TTC 18 mos ago.

Day 1 had us start with shoulders and arms. Honestly the workout wasn't as difficult as I thought and I made it through the whole thing thinking, "this isn't so tough, I can totally do this." To follow up all weight days you do Ab Ripper X- 15 minutes, not too bad.

I was only marginally sore come Day 2 so figured I was going to be alright.

Day 2 had us doing plyometrics... here is where hell started. If you have never done a plyometrics work out, my suggestion is to NEVER do one. Basically the whole point of it is to "produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose of improving performance in a specific sport." (wikipedia). For the P90X plyometrics work out you spend an hour + jumping, squatting, lunging and all sorts of the 3 combined. It was torturous, but again by the end I was ecstatic that I had made it through the entire program. My muscles were shaky and fatigued, but I felt great! Then came Day 3...

Day 3 had us doing chest and back. This meant lots of push ups and lots of pull ups. I really can't do a pull up on my own so I used a chair for assistance. By the end of workout I couldn't even do 1, even using the chair for help! My pushups went to my knees and I even had trouble doing those.

Day 4 (today) had us doing Yoga (aka Yoga X- everything ends in an X). Since I can't really move any muscule in my body without experiencing EXTREME pain, Yoga X didn't really go so well. The first half hour was INSANE! It got slightly easier for the second half hour which is where I had to stop because I had to get ready for work. I'm kind of afraid to go all the way to the end though. Even my face hurts.

Tomorrow I believe we do a lower body work out with weights...

Oh joy!

To sum up all this, I have to say, I couldn't be happier with this program. It works you until you can't give anymore and then makes you do another one. Sore muscles aside, I really feel fantastic and can't wait to see the after pictures in 86 days. I may post the before and after... or not. I'm not sure I want the world to see how out of shape I really was... eek! That's a scary thought. We'll see what happens I guess... ;-)


Melissa said...

Sounds like a great exercise regimen. Back in the day, I used to do Pilates in my living room - I remember thinking the workouts were a breeze, but they left me so freakin' sore. As you said - no pain, no gain. Glad you're enjoying it, though!

Andrea said...

Tiffany, I know EXACTLY what you mean. The first week of P90X was PURE hell for me. Every freakin fiber in my body hurt. I remember sitting on the couch with my cousin and we were laughing about something. She lightly put her hand on my leg and I nearly muscles hurts SO BAD!

I've since gotten off the P90X bandwagon for reasons ;) but DH is half way through and loving it. I can totally see the difference in him.

Good luck. I'm sure your body will be smokin! :)

Kitty said...

Thanks for the cheers on my blog! I'm so excited!!

The HCG trigger shot was no big deal. But you get nervous just looking at it. I don't like needles. But I honestly didn't almost feel it. I really don't think I did. DH did it and did a good job. Make sure you get instructions from your doctor. Best to you! Hope it does the trickk for you!

What is P90X? I've never even heard of it. Best to you! Hope January treats you well!

Anonymous said...

Oh man... good luck with that dear! You've got much more ambition than I do! I'm so not a worker-outer! I'll go for walks and play sports and stuff... no gyms or regimented activity though... I can't handle that!

Ella said...

Wow! Good luck! I am envious of your motivation and excitement for an exercise program... I hate working out!!!!

Carbon said...

Wow, that's a heck of a workout. Kudos for jumping in with both feet! I think I'll stay at the kiddie pool with my yoga/pilates class.

Either way, there's nothing like physical activity to clear the head and renew the spirit. :)

Jen said...

Oh~I've heard about that and have seen the comercials on tv for that. Shawn and I used to work out together. I've beent thinking about buying that for myself.
I like how you get sore after a good work out...makes me feel like I actually accomplished something.

Hope you aren't sore for long!

Hey-Thanks for your sweet comment today on my blog. It really means a lot to me :-)

Amy said...

A good friend of mine just got that video and says it's kicking her a$$. GL with your new workout routine. I hope it gets alittle easier on you. =)

nancy said...

I'm just catching up now. I'm so very very sorry. Damn. ~hugs~

margelina said...

OK, can I just say I looked up that system via your link to it, and I think you are crazazy! But...I'm also with Candi, though...anything like going to the gym or working out I despise, lol! Good luck to you, though. Hope you get the results you desire!

Tiffanie said...

holy shit! good luck w/ your exercise:)

The Captain's Wife said...

you are WAY more committed than I would be!! Keep up the good work.