Tuesday, January 27, 2009


-Batman has the AFOQT tomorrow morning. He has been studying nonstop for this for weeks! Please send "pass test" vibes his way.

-I am still anxiously awaiting AF. By my guess if, and that's a big if, I even O on my own this cycle post m/c then she should be here this weekend. I hope, hope, hope, hope that she comes on time so I can move onto the next cycle

-I gave my script to Walgreens for the progesterone suppositories and apparently they can't even special order it in! Grr! So now I am going to have to search for a place that can fill it. I did get some good advice on how to combat the leakage with it though from a coworker. She said inserting it just before bed and then sticking a damp wash cloth between my legs will catch most, if not all of it. She found this worked SUPERBLY so I am going to try it out.

-P90X is still going strong. I haven't really lost much weight yet (thanks to my non-healthy eating on the weekends) but I can feel myself getting stronger already! We started week 3 with a bang last night with chest and back and I am sore (again... actually I don't think the soreness ever really goes away LOL) I am looking forward to next week because you don't do any of the weight videos, just lots of cardio and core work.

-I got to (literally) carry my little love all around Costco! I just love that little guy and he's already stopped looking like a newborn and is looking more like a baby (does that make sense?) Wish I had taken some pics!

-I finally told BFF about m/c. I'm not really sure why I didn't tell her right away. I think mainly it's because I didn't really want to tell her over the phone and I haven't seen her in like 3 weeks... She cried with me and is more optimistic than I am about this upcoming cycle :) She's a great friend!

-It's 15 degrees here right now and I forgot my jacket. It's FREEZING in my office... I just want to go home and bundle up on the couch in front of a movie.

- My BIL and SIL might be moving closer to us :) BIL is up for a new promotion/ job within his company that would move them back to our area instead of the 2 hours away they are now! I'm crossing everything, hoping he gets this job! I love my neice and nephew and wish I got to see them more :)

-Only 2 mos and 2 wks until my trip to DC (can you tell I have a countdown going alread?) I'm really excited. I just got an email too, that our appt for the pentagon tour is scheduled. Yippee!

-Tuesdays are the longest days of the week...


Anonymous said...

Stupid Walgreens... if you live near a hospital, try going to the hospital pharmacy. They might have it in stock.

Melissa said...

Here's hoping AF comes on time so that you can get the ball rolling.

Oooh, I'm so jealous about your upcoming trip to DC. I lived in the DC metro area from 2003-2007 and I loved it there. So much to do... I definitely miss the area! I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Morgan said...

Ok I always wondered what the P9ox was...I saw you and your hubby blogging about it and kept thinking WTF is that, but I saw a commercial lastnight for it so now I know LOL! and OMG props girl...I couldn't do some of that stuff they were doing on there lastnight...so you go girl!!

Ella said...

I had trouble finding prog suppositories, too, but I eventually figured out that I needed to find a pharmacy that has a "compounding specialist" on staff - or, make sure that the pharmacy is a "compounding pharmacy". They make (compound) the suppositories on site. It was so hard to find out nearby that my RE just switched the Rx and put me on Crinone (prog gel).

Anyway, that was my experience - HTH!

GL! Hope AF finds you on her own so you can move on and get your sticky bean!

Sarah from WebMD said...

I'm lurking from a tree of blogs from WebMD; I hope you don't mind. I had to use the lovely progesterone suppositories too, but I live in a small town and there is no way our pharmacies were going to get these in when I needed them. So my RE suggested a mail order pharmacy. It was absolutely wonderful! www.freedomdrug.com They are strictly an IF med pharmacy. I ordered them on a Friday afternoon and they were at my door before noon on Saturday! And I live in the middle of nowhere. Sorry for my ramble, but just a suggestion if you are having trouble getting them. Best of luck! Honestly they aren't as horrible as I expected.

The Captain's Wife said...

Fingers crossed for you this coming cycle...I was so fortunate to hit the mark on the very next cycle after my M/C (I actually never got AF in between)..I hope you are as lucky.

~*JaYmE*~ said...

I am very optimistic for you this comming C too! I hope it's yours. I'm glad that you have such a good friend too. Every girls needs one of those! I got my presription filled at Medicine Shoppe. Do you have one those?

Carbon said...

I hear you on Tuesdays, ugh!

All of my crossables are crossed for your next cycle, I hope you can find a resource for your cream. Funny, I thought Walgreens had every pharmaceutical known to man! Hmf.

Anonymous said...

I hope AF arrives soon so you can start getting busy! :) And I'm so jealous of your DC trip. You are going to have a great time. One of my good friends lives in DC and DH and I are going to try and get up there to see her this summer. I love that city!

Steph C said...

I couldn't agree more. Tuesdays just suck in general.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are liking the P90x. I saw the commercial and wanted to order it, but we have a gym membership.... that I never use! :-(

My cheer squad is high school. I like doing it, but its kind of frustrating b/c I grew up in the world of super competitive cheerleading and then I started teaching at this school and volunteered to take the cheerleaders right away. Well, they are NOT competitive, nor do we have that kind of "talent pool" to choose from. I can't even have tryouts and cut girls! Argh!!

Have fun in DC! I love it there1

Melissa said...

Oh, one more thing... if you're going to be in DC for a while, try to spend a half-day in Georgetown. The shopping and restaurants are terrific! You can walk there from the Pentagon area. I miss Georgetown!

Andrea said...

GREAT job with P90X! Your three weeks went by fast...as least to me they did :)

Next week will be easier but I can tell you Core Synergistics is haaaard! But you're a strong girl :)

Ok, I'm willing your AF to arrive soon so you can move on and get pg!

Jen said...

i want to do the P90X so bad. I might start with a friend one day next week.I bet i will be very sore after.

Have a greatt ime on your trip to DC, i have never been there, but have heard it is lots of fun.

Chelle said...

www.ivpcare.com is who I get my meds from.

They specialize in IF meds and they have overnight shipping.

Fingers crossed for this cycle!

Mic said...

I know that you've probably got many suggestions, however, I just got mine in yesterday from Fertility Pharmacy. They sent them via FedEx overnight so if you are in a hurry they should be able to accommodate!

On a side note ... Yay! for the DC trip. I love DC ... but I'm partial since I live here :) Feel free to email with any questions!