Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yay K!!

My coworker, K, just got the call from her RE today... it's a BFP!!! I am so super excited for her! She has been TTC for 3+ years now and this was IUI #10 or something crazy like that (they have both male and female IF). In fact, today she said she really expected them to tell her it was negative. She was ready to start her last cycle before pursuing IVF. When she got the results we could all here her yelling (excitedly) down the hallway :) I seriously started crying when she came back to my office and told me! She has worked so hard for this!!

I'm so praying that this little bean (or beans! OY!) stays super stuck in there!! She goes for a beta in a couple days I believe. :D


Melissa said...

Isn't it wonderful when a former infertile finally gets that long-awaited BFP? It makes me so excited!

I find it ironic that so many women get pregnant right before they pursue IVF. That's exactly what happened to me -- and to many other ladies I know!

Andrea said...

How amazing!!! See lady!! Don't lose hope yet!