Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No lovin'

Even though I'm O'in'.
Batman was just "too tired" last night to be charmed by my feminine wiles, so BDing didn't happen. Instead we watched The Dark Knight and went to bed. Sadly enough, DH started to do the whole sleep sex thing (have I ever mentioned he does this?), but never got farther than turning over a little and saying "baby, I want some." I know it's probably too late by tonight, but I WILL seduce him for sure! Gotta get in a little more lovin' just to be sure, right?
I still think we have a good chance though (see that's me being positve for once). Everything has been pointing to O for a few days now (CM, CP, etc) so I think all the swimmers that were deposited on Sunday really have a shot of making the long journey.
We shall see what happens, ya?

I am going to take the advice about starting to POAS early that way if it is a true BFN it won't hurt so much. (I would have last cycle too, only we know how that turned out) I am really optimistic this time. I can't remember the last time I really thought it could happen.


Teresa said...

You are a better wife than I. I would have forced my hubby to have sex with me. Being tired is no excuse lol!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

Good luck! I hope your being positive gives you a BFP!

Anonymous said...

I'm hopeful for ya Tiff!

Morgan said...

I'm jealous damnitt! ;) I haven't had no luvin' in months! literally. :(

Melissa said...

Good luck, Tiff. I hope to see a BFP post from you soon. :-)