Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh the hot flashes

Wait, isn't that the same title I used a couple weeks ago? Well, they are worse. Now instead of starting AFTER I stop taking the clomid, they have continued from last (wonky) cycle to this one with no break.
I can't sleep. I wake up at least every hour in a pool of sweat. It's disgusting and frustrating. And exhausting.
I think Batman is about to kick me out of the bed! He has resorted to putting a pillow between us so he doesn't accidently fall into the puddle!! He also thinks our house is bordering on cold, while I think it's a sauna most of the time.

Ugh here comes another one. I just hope they end before I have to take out all my summer clothes again!

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Melissa said...

Gotta love the hot flashes - LOL. I used to wake up with a soaking wet shirt in the middle of each night... so gross.

Watch out, though - I started getting crazy vision disturbances at 150 mg (but that's also the dose that scored me a BFP, so it was well worth it all).