Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Answer to Margelina's question

We only recently went vegan after reading an excellent book- The China Study by Dr T Colin Campbell. I think it's been since September? October maybe?
It is not because we are crazy PETA advocates (which tends to be the case with vegans). I could care less if people want to kill and eat a cow. I have done so for my entire life with no issues. I don't think it's wrong to eat eggs or milk or steak or whatever. It's just unhealthy.

It has been a work in progress honestly. Most days it really isn't hard to eat vegan as I LOVE veggies, fruits and grains. The only thing that has been really hard to give up is cheese. I love cheese. I dream of cheese (this is not even a joke. I have had a number of dreams where I am in a cheese factory or am eating wheels and wheels of cheese. Or I am being drowned in a vat of cheese)! Meat hasn't really been an issue as we didn't eat a whole lot to begin with. Eggs I could leave or take, as they have never been something I enjoy. Milk is also a non-issue. Batman is slightly lactose intolerant so he never drank milk and I only had a glass on very rare occasions. Soy or rice milk has been a very easy substitute to get used to.

Baking was a little difficult at first as most cookies and cakes require eggs. However we discovered an egg replacement at our local health food store that works just fine. And again most of the time soy or rice milk can be substituted for cow's milk.

Does that answer your questions? :)


Teresa said...

I gotta give you some major props..I couldn't live without cheese I don't believe. You are super woman, holy shit dude I don't know how you are going without cheese!

margelina said...

Thanks for that info. I used to not eat meat waaay back when, and I still consider going back to it. But I have a hubby who will never be on board, so cooking meals and such seems like it would be hard. I may check out that book, though! Thanks for the info!!

Christina said...

I don't know if I could go vegan just because of cheese. Josh and I could cheese and only cheese for meals all day long. I don't eat meat though, just fish and seafood. But good job on you guys both going Vegan!

Carbon said...

I really should read that book someday. But, I'm afraid it will totally change my lifestyle and DH won't budge an inch.

Until then, I have been going 100% organic with our dairy products, and local when possible. I like to think that gets me partway there.