Tuesday, June 23, 2009

24 wks and appt update

Yep, I've made it to 24 weeks... it's pretty surreal to me.

Here are a couple of belly shots I took this morning:
First shirt up

Then shirt down

It looks about the same to me, but then again, I see it every day ;-)

I'm feeling pretty good other than crazy back pain and overall achiness. Olive is getting more and more active each day and has taken to using my bladder as a trampoline. It keeps me running to the bathroom about every 30 min or so- that and the GALLONS of water I drink everyday (you think I'm kidding but I literally drink close to 2 gallons a day... seriously).

We had our 24 wk appt this morning and had another u/s. Olive's heart is pumping away just fine with 4 beautiful chambers and she has a spine (like we were doubting that). One thing they didn't tell me last appt was that my placenta was low-lying, but it seems to have cleared up on its own without any prodding from me (or vibes from all you bloggy friends).

My doc is out on vacation (lucky him) so I just had his nurse, but I love her so I'll forgive him from not being there ;-) I had her check out this mole that Batman discovered (apparently he found it a while ago, and at the time I said I knew about it, but I have no recollection of this ever taking place) She is sending me on to a dermatologist to have it checked out. I will say one thing about it though. Who the hell gets a mole in their freaking ass crack? SERIOUSLY!! That part of me has NEVER even seen the light of day, let alone the actual sun, so where the hell did it come from?! And don't you think if I *really* knew about it those many months ago that Batman alleges that he found it that I would have done something about it then?! I'm still waiting for a call to set up an appt. Hopefully they can get me in sometime next week.

I also talked to her about my back pain and she referred me on to a PT. She thinks it's just too early for me to be in this much pain (I feel like a cripple after I have been sitting for just 10 minutes... too bad I sit in a freaking chair ALL F*ing DAY LONG). I start on Monday.

Enough about me though.

Father's Day was fun. We splurged and had McD's for breakfast at Batman's request and I made him this cute little onesie:

If you haven't figured out it's meaning yet, it's a hint to her name... You can check out Batman's blog too for another one. He is supposedly "back" and all.

For my dad, we all went together and got him tickets to a game. Since I (and possibly Batman too) will be up their way at the end of August we thought it might be fun for us all to go together. For my FIL we just took him out to a nice dinner at one of his favorite restaurants.

Other than that we have been re organizing and cleaning out the garage, study and nursery. It's quite the project I tell ya! I'll post pics when I have an after shot ;-)


Morgan said...

I'm not even going to ask how Batman found your mole in your booty...LOL!!! I literally laughed out loud when I read that! haha!

You are definately growing, and that's a good thing because it means your little girl is growing healthy and doing what she is supposed to be doing in there! You are SOOO glowing in your pics! :) You look freaking great to T!

Melissa said...

Oh my, your baby belly is GORGEOUS! Pregnancy looks really good on you. :)

Oh goodness, the back pain. I don't know if you remember from my blog, but I had severe and crippling sciatic pain at this point in my pregnancy as well. Yup, it was around 24 weeks. I was in tears on a daily basis, couldn't get out of bed, couldn't walk - I literally thought I was going to die.

However, it went away on its own after 5-6 weeks of utter hell. I must also add in the fact that my sciatic pain was 10,000 times more painful than labor and delivery.

I hope you feel better soon! Good luck at the dermatologist (my DH has a mole in the exact same spot as you described, haha. It's been there forever).

Bounty said...

Wow! What a beautiful belly pictures!! Congratulations. I loved taking pics of my big tummy asweel when I was pregnant. Two weeks ago I made a poster about my belly story in my little boy room with, i thinkit's a great memory. Have you thought about names? I took ages to choose mine (Marlow) and after several reserch online I vote http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ as the best venue. I'm looking forward to reading you next post. Jo

Andrea said...

You look absolutely fantastic!!! What a cute baby belly :)

I hope your back pain goes away ASAP...could be the way little Olive is sitting.

Kickin' Kari said...

You look so good girl!! I agree with PP, pregnancy does look good on you. :)
I'm glad to hear that my hubbs and I are not the only ones finding moles/beautymarks in such odd places! I was thinking maybe him and I were too close?? LOL Hope it turns out to be nothing and just a beauty mark of your buttcrack. Haha! Take care!

Charlotte said...

YOu look beautiful!!! Congrtas on your newest milestone!

Mic said...

Absolutely adorable T :)
Your ass crack mole comment is hilarious to me. That'll be a fun Dr.'s appointment to have it checked out, LOL.

Happily Married said...

I'm jealous of your beautiful bump! I can't wait to start filling out those maternity shirts.

Good luck at the dermatologist appt. Your story about how Batman said you knew made me laugh as that sounds like something RB would say too. Hope your back pain eases quickly!

Coco said...

First of all, you look awesome! Pg really does agree with you!

Second, this "beamer" thing is going to drive me nuts! I have a guess though... will BMW be her initials?

Rikki said...

You know I'm not gonna even ask exactly how that mole was discovered. LMAO.

You look gorgeous T, I love your belly and your hair looks amazing! Good luck with PT, I was pretty uncomfortable during my pregnancy but not that early and not that bad. I hope you get some relief.

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful! I can't believe how fast things are going. Pretty soon, Olive will be here. :) Good luck at the dermatologist and let us know how it goes!

libby-ct said...

You look fantastic!

Interesting spot to find a mole, but you can get them anywhere - they're not always related to sun exposure. Good thing you/Batman found it so you can get it checked out!

Have you thought about acupuncture for your back pain? A friend of mine had similar sounding back pain to yours all through her pregnancy, and acupuncture worked wonders for her... Just an idea :)

Ella said...

You are so freakin' adorable!!! I looove your belly, I am jealous of its nice roundness ;) Hope the back pain subsides, that's no fun. And the 'beamer' clue is confusing! I can't imagine what name that would be... hmm... 'Summer', maybe? Or... 'Automobile'? ;P

Jen said...

You look wonderful!!

24 weeks wow!!! I'm glad that everything is going well with little Olive.

Oh...how about another hint to the name? Please!!!

KT said...

Pics look great!!! Sorry about your back pains, but hopefully the PT will help!

So....I agree with the pp that it must be her initials will be "BMW."

Right?? :-)

Chelle said...

woo hoo! Look at that cute belly!

OMG-I thought I was doing good at a gallon a day (actually a bit more most days). I'm going to have hike it up!

Amy said...

Congrats on hitting the 24 week mark. You belly looks cute.

Shannon said...

Congrats on hitting 24wks. You look adorable. Hopefully your back pain will clear up soon.

nancy said...

omg. you are adorable.