Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brynna's Stats!

Apparently my phone didn't work to post about her stats...

Here they are though:

17lbs 1oz (75%)
25.5 in (50%)

head 41.4cm (25%)

She jumped up in weight, which I'm pretty sure is because of the introduction of solids. We could tell she would since her legs are the chubbiest things I have ever SEEN! Ack! She's got her mamas thighs, that's for sure LOL! I love them though (on her, not me)

She got a clean bill of health and Dr Roy was surprised he hadn't seen her due to illness. I guess we just have a healthy kid (or we don't go many places where we could pick up something).
She got 3 shots again and an oral vaccine. The good news it at her 9 mo- NO immunizations! Hooray! She had a rough time with this last round and we finally had to break out the infant Ty.lenol to help her out. Poor little thing!

He was impressed that she is already sitting up and babbling mama and dada. And he wasn't concerned that she took so long to roll over (which was a sigh of relief). He also made a comment that she may be one of those kids that doesn't crawl since she hates being on her tummy. I guess we will see? I've been trying to "pin her down" (not in a mean way, just so that she can't roll over right away) a little and get her too reach for things in front of her while on her tummy. She doesn't seem to like it that much, but we are working at it.

I have a post brewing... so maybe another one will pop up today or tomorrow.

One of these days I'll actually get around to posting more than just her monthly picture. I DO take tons of picture of B, they are just all on my blackberry and I hardly ever connect it up to the computer (and even less now that we are still limping along with the bad one)... soon though... soon ;-)


Kitty said...

Your post must have been deleted or didn't post right. Can you repost?

Katie said...

Brynna's stats......ARE INVISIBLE!!


Christina said...

Yay Brynna for sitting up! I must have a monster of a baby because Annika is younger and bigger than Brynna but I know each baby is different, I love seeing the stats for everyone though.
We've never had any oral vaccines but I'm glad to hear that there aren't any at the 9 month visit!