Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Computer Meltdown

Our main computer had a complete meltdown on Sunday... to the point where we thought we had lost EVERYTHING. I seriously almost cried. All our pictures. All our music. All our files. Just gone.

Batman, being the tech savvy guy he is, was able to recover everything though. It's funny how just two weeks ago he was saying we needed to invest in an external hard drive so we could back up our computer files and then look what happens. I guess we should count our lucky stars he was able to recover everything vs the alternative.

As it stands, our computer is limping along. We have an external hard drive coming in the mail any day now. Once we get it and back everything up, it's sayonara to this bad boy and hello computer upgrade. I may be a little out of touch for a little while because of it (I guess that's not out of the ordinary these days though is it?... Just a better excuse than "no time" Ha!). As it is I'm still having trouble accessing my emails.

I hate computer troubles... but at least we still have all our pictures of Little Miss.


Anonymous said...

Best Buy is supposed to be able to recover any lost pictures or files on a crashed computer for $100. Just in case you need it.

Shannon said...

My husband just had the same thing happen to his laptop.

I frequently save my pictures to disc because I don't fully trust my computer either. They have a tendency to turn against me.

I'm glad you were able to get all your stuff back though!

Rebecca said...

SO scary!!! I hate the thought of losing everything. Not to sound like an advertisement, but I use an on-line automatic back-up system (which I have LOVED) because it does it for me without thinking. And, if I had to rely on thinking, I'd never do it! It's m.o.zy (without the dots...)

Iris Savea said...

So glad you got everything back!! Thats one of my HUGE fears. Reminds me i need to back up my hard drive!

someday-soon said...

Sorry about your computer trouble. Great that Batman was able to recover everything though!