Thursday, May 6, 2010

An experiment

We've been struggling, Batman and I, with our communication since he got home from AMS. For some reason, this time around when he came home it's like all hell broke loose in our home with regards to MIScommunicating and it's really been taking a toll. It's certainly not to the point where anything too major is happening, but it has been enough for both of us to notice. We haven't been in the same book, let alone the same page, about most things we've been dealing with lately. And we've realized something has to give.
Fortunately, it's not our marriage.
We've decided to turn off the TV. We really don't watch a whole lot of TV to begin with as far as spending hours and hours in front of it, but we found we were more concerned with what shows we missed, what was on hulu, what we had on netflix, what new video game was out, etc than we were about talking to each other and spending QUALITY time together. It was almost as if, as soon as Brynna went down for the night, we would figure out anything other than having a conversation.
So the month of May we are turning it all off. No netflix. No hulu. No video games. No movies. No TV. Period. We are already communicating MUCH more and spending real time together and it's only been 6 days! It's amazing how much time you can sink into one electronic device and not even realize it.
And besides, what kind of example are we as parents if we don't allow B to watch TV, but do it more than we should ourselves?
So wish us luck. I know this is exactly what we need. It's nice having my husband be a priority rather than a big black box in my living room (or in our case in the study- since most of the time we play catch up and watch things online) And who knows? We may never turn the damn thing on again?

okay who am I kidding? I'm addicted to certain shows so I know we will watch them, but it's not a priority anymore. If we watch them someday, good. If not, it's not the end of the world.


Katie said...

Wow. I'm really proud of you guys for doing this. Sam and I just had a conversation the other day along the lines of "what if we gave up TV?" He was all, "not just no, but HELL NO!" ;-)

Good luck! I wish we had it in us to attempt this!

Iris Savea said...

Good luck!! I did a similar move a few months ago and I found that DH and I started communicating SO much better!

someday-soon said...

Good for you too for making your marriage the priority! KUP on how the no-TV thing goes =)

Andrea said...

I think this is awesome! Have fun ;) Who knows...this experiment could lead to baby #2! :-D