Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just as I suspected

it was a fluke.

She did sleep for the first stretch 6 hours, which is her norm these days. We put her down between 7-8 (the last couple nights she has been asleep BEFORE 7! Oy! I think she must be growing!) and I usually don't hear her until about 1 or 2. Then she will usually sleep until about 6 or 7 depending on the day and who is up.

My only worry is that Batman started his job out at the base today and is up at 5. I'm hoping this doesn't wake up little miss!

We still only get 30-40 min naps out of her during the day. Her first one is usually 2 hours after she wakes up and the second is somewhere around 1-2, whenever I see her getting tired. There are days where I WISH her naps were nice and long. I could get so much more DONE! (Ha! like I would though... I'd probably end up blogging) ;-)

What's your sleep schedule like?


Shannon said...

I go to bed around 10 and get up at 6:30 to get Ella ready for school. :)

You did mean me and not the kids? :)

Both of my kids are great sleepers! I am so lucky. When they were little they would take two naps, like Brinna, but longer. When they got closer to one we phased out the morning nap and took just an early afternoon nap that lasted from 2 to 4 hours.

Ella stopped napping shortly after she turned 2 and Sam is now 2 1/2 and still naps for at least 2 hours. I've started getting him up after 2 to 2 1/2 hours otherwise he doesn't like to go to bed very well. He would sleep for 3-4 hours otherwise.

They both started sleeping all through the night around 10 months or so. I can't remember exactly.

Alyssa said...

Have you tried a dreamfeed where you feed her in her sleep around 10-11 pm? It works great for us. Hailey sleeps 12-13 hours straight, with a dreamfeed at 10:30 pm.

Also, how long is she awake in between naps?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry it was just a fluke! Right now (at 4 months), Riley falls asleep between 7-8 and we've been waking her around 10 to do one last feeding before we go to bed. When we do that, she usually sleeps til between 5-6am, but OFTEN needs soothing or a paci around 4am. Not fun.

The doctor just told us yesterday that she is completely capable at this age of making it 10 hours straight with no waking and no eating--we just have to "train" her to do it. He said babies don't wake from hunger after 6 weeks old, they just wake from habit.

Who knows? We're going to try some "tough love" at bedtime in the next week or two and see what happens. You can expect a blog post all about that, I'm sure! :-)


Mandy said...

Mine go down at 7:30, and we also do a dreamfeed at 10. Usually they'll sleep until 6 or so, with an occasional "go put paci in" times. (however, last night was not so good) Jules was up at least 10 times between 2-6. but this past weekend? they both slept all night, and we had to WAKE them at 8. Crazy babies!!