Saturday, July 3, 2010

More updates

So more of the update...

I think the last I posted, it was around Memorial Day?

So that weekend we intended to go to Twin to see Batman's bro and his family, but since I got sick the week before we decided to stay home (they were leaving for the following week and didn't want to catch whatever I had). We ended up spending the weekend working around the house and time with Batman's parents. It turned out to be nice (although not so much weather wise) and relaxing.

That Monday my little sis, Ash, came into town for a visit and it was SO nice! I miss that girl and it was nice to have her around for a few days :) She's 20 and in college... ah those college days. I miss them too ;-) Batman had a couple days off so he was able to hang out with us too. I can't really remember anything we did other than play L.ittle B.ig Pl.anet and watch movies though.

That Thursday Ash and I said goodbye to Batman and drove to Sea-town. Oh how I miss it there! If only Batman didn't hate it so much and we could move "home!" (ya, that will probably never happen)
The drive was pretty uneventful, although I did find it takes HOURS longer with Little Miss. We only stopped a couple times, but they ended up taking 20-30 min each instead of the normal 2 min potty break or 5 min drive thru run. She did really well though. We left our hours at about 4:30 am and she slept for the first 3 or so hours. We were well into Oregon by that time and making good time. Then she slept on and off the rest of the trip. We only had one small meltdown and it only lasted about 10 min. I threw Ash in the back with her to entertain her and all was well again Haha!
Seattle was a whirlwind of activity (as it usually is). We rolled into town about 1 Thursday afternoon and it was nonstop pretty much from that point until Monday.
My little bro- Zac- graduated from HS June 5th, so it was even more crazy than normal. We had to get ready for his graduation, then my mom was the grad party planner, so we had to get ready for that after graduation, then Zac's open house was Sunday after church. Whew! After that first weekend I was ready to home just because I was EXHAUSTED!
But I was SO proud of Zac! He's such a good kid and we love him :) He's headed to Northwest University in the fall to pursue pastoral ministries. Ash already goes there (she's a secondary ed major with an emphasis in biology- smart girl!) and my older bro, J went there for a couple years too. (Apparently I am the odd one out going here instead. Ha!)
Anyway... after that weekend things calmed down considerably!
We spent the rest of that week just hanging out with whoever was at home and just enjoying our time. This is when B hit all those milestones! She had lots of interaction and playmates so I think that helped a bit ;-)
Friday Batman joined us (he flew in-smart man). Then Saturday we attended a wedding for a friend of his. Sunday we drove home.

I'm sure there are lots of details I am leaving out, but I hate to create another novel ;-)

More later on the rest of our goings on! Happy Saturday!

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Jen said...

Holy long time, no comment. Sorry for the lack of comments lately. I have been reading every post. Glad things are going well with all of you. Can't wait for more pictures.