Saturday, July 17, 2010


That's just got to be the excuse for why I'm not blogging much these days. Or emailing people back. I can't remember the last time I was on the computer for more than just a few minutes! EEK!

Anyway we've been having a splendid, laid-back summer so far. If you are my friend on FB you've seen the recent mobile uploads of us swimming and playing backyard games and BBQs and just all around fun.

Batman switched to working nights this last week which means Little Miss and I have had to make ourselves scarce in the mornings to keep the house quiet so he can sleep. We've been having breakfast at our local 'Bucks, playing in the park and going on long walks. It's been nice, but I'm not so keen on doing this long term... coffee can get expensive if you are going everyday! Plus there is only so much B can do at the park. And you can only walk the same trails so many times. Thankfully, Batman only does this schedule for 3 weeks.

Then he's out of a job. Period. His orders end August 3rd, then he has about a week's worth of paid leave to take, then he can make up the drill days he "missed" (He's been going to them since he's been on orders, just not getting paid for them, so they see that as "missed"). Then nothing. He's supposed to start student teaching at the end of August so we knew this was coming, and we've saved for it, but it's still a little frightening to think we will have NO income for the next few months until he finds a new job... or until his next orders in March- whichever comes first.

Hope everyone's summer is going well and you are staying out of the heat! ;-)

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Morgan Owens said...

T- I miss you!! I haven't logged into blogger in forever so i went to check out your blog and fell in love with the pics at the top...gorgeous family! Please find me on facebook so we can keep in touch! The link is on my blog! :)