Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BTDT- Need some advice

I need some advice on 2 things since I'm completely lost here...

First, I've started trying to pump again as my freezer stash is almost completely depleted. It would be nice to be able to go out again without B. My concern is, I'm not getting much :( The last few nights I've tried pumping in lue (sp?) of B's night feeding (using up milk that was about to expire in the freezer) and I can't get a let down without waking B up and having her nurse on the other side. And even when I do that, I'm only getting an ounce, maybe an ounce and a half. What is going on here? Is it because I haven't pumped in a while? Do I just need to keep pumping everyday in between feedings? Is there anything I can do about the let down issue because I feel like I've been trying everything? Is it worth going back on fenugreek? Anyone have an advice? PLEASE!! This mama needs a night out with Batman!!

Second, when did you start switching over mostly to finger foods? We are introducing more and more foods that B can feed to herself and I am starting to help her use a spoon, but I just wondered how much longer we should keep doing jarred food (jarred food is another whole story since Brynna has now decided she no longer likes ANYTHING I make. She just shakes her head and refuses to eat it. Anyone else have this issue too? What did you do?) and when do we transition her fully to "normal" foods (well as normal as an almost toothless kid can get). Am I jumping the gun here? Will it be a long while that we keep jarred food in the house?

Any and all advice is welcome, so please weigh in even if you aren't a BTDT and just have a suggestion ;-)

PS: I was on a conference call with my dad's docs this afternoon and their goal is to have him rehabilitated enough to go home within 4 weeks!!! I can't believe what a miracle this is!! Please continue to keep his progress in your prayers :)


Mamma Bug said...

I was reading just yesterday that pumping 1-1.5 ounces between feedings is totally normal when you're not apart from baby.

Since I have to be away for 8hrs a day I let down pretty easily. Ironically, the smell of sharpie really does it for me since I write dates on my storage bags in sharpie. LOL. Though I've had problems lately too since AF has returned. I've heard that can knock down supply for a few days. :(

At 11mos we are still using jarred foods in addition to finger foods and adult table foods. We usually feed her a puree to start with (either homemade or jarred) and then we eat our own meal and feed her whatever bits of it she won't choke on. Tonight for dinner we had taco salad and she ate some sliced black olives, cheese, tomato and a few beans.

She tends to play as much as eat, so that's why we make sure to start with something that will end up in her belly!

Best wishes to your Dad, I hope his recovery continues to exceed expectations!

Andrea said...

Hey T,
Keep pumping at that same time and eventually your body will get the clue to let down. I took FOREVER to let down for a pump....it was so frustrating. Finally, it worked but it took me 15 minutes before I pumped one drop. It got better and now I let down under a minute.

I agree about building up that freezer stash to get out with your hubby! That's the only reason I try to squeeze in 2 pumping sessions a day :)

No clue about the finger food...we're not there yet! :)

Emmy said...

Not a BTDT, but have heard lots about baby lead weaning, which sort of skips purees and goes right to table foods. Maybe that would work for her. http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/babyledweaning.htm

Good luck!

Ash said...

I almost never pump but have heard it is something you have to do often, and preferably always around the same time, to get a good amount going. I have a super fast letdown but then the pump gets barely anything after the initial squirts- thankfully it is not the same with Teddy:) Can't help you with solids.

So so happy to hear about your father's progress!!!

Sarah said...

Pumping extra was a problem for me from about 6 months on. I had to pump at work and i could never get much. It would take two (and at the end of the year three) pumpings to get enough milk for one bottle. And that was just for the one bottle he needed while I was at work each day. The idea of getting ahead was just out of the question. I ate a lot of oat meal to help, and it did. There was also some meds I took that helped, but whenever I went off them my supply went back down.

At some point...before his birthday, but I dont remember when, Henry decided he was done with spoons. He wanted all finger food and he wanted to feed himself. That is still happening for the most part, but we also give him a spoon from time to time and he tries to use it. He just doesnt want us to feed him. Because he is apparently way too big for that now :) I wish I could remember how long we used baby food, but I really can't remember when we made the switch. Maybe when he was 10-11 months old we were all the way off.

Suzie Homemaker said...

Congrats on your Dad's recovery! I'm so happy to hear that he's doing so much better. What a miracle indeed!!! Obviously, I don't have experience with the BTDT, but I do know something about kids eating solid foods. I've taught Child Development, Parenting Skills, and Early Childhood for years. The "textbook" answer is that baby's should be eating the same things as you (smaller portions, of course) by age 1. So, technically you could make a regular dinner and cut up Brynna's portions into smaller finger food size. However, it is recommended that you do not put spices on your foods until after you give the baby his/her plate. So, I don't know...I mean, all babies are different. If Brynna is pushing foods away now, they (the textbook) suggest you try again in 2-3 days. So, I don't know if that helps, but I teach my students that! LOL!