Saturday, August 7, 2010

Update on my dad

First, thank you all for the comments and prayers. This whole situation has been made better because of prayers and I could feel them all.

B and I are finally home. We spent nearly two weeks in Seattle with my family, helping out where we could and being a support (especially to my mom).

Here's the scoop thus far:

As I explained in my last post- dad was getting out of the car and fell and hit his head. He spent 9 days in neuro ICU at Harborview. He's now in the neuro-ward and will be for a while(probably the next month or longer depending on his progress). It was looking pretty hairy for the first few days, and he's not completely out of the woods, but he's made some miraculous progress in the last few days.

I'm sure some of you have seen my updates on FB- but dad went from being completely in basically a coma, to being able to speak some, stand on his own weight (with the help of PT), sit in a chair and even chew and swallow. Just the other morning he ate applesauce, yogurt, cream of wheat, protein pudding and thickened juice! All of this is baffling the doctors as they anticipated he would be weeks away from doing any of this. It's amazing the power of prayer, I tell you! What's even more amazing is that he is TASTING all of this food! All of the doctors assumed he would no longer be able to smell or taste based on his injuries (99% of people lose those senses with this injury).

This morning I got an update from my mom that they have taken out both his NG tube and his catheter, also unexpected progress! :) We even got a picture of him feeding himself and sitting up learning to punch buttons on the nurse call/ remote.

I will keep updating on him as he gets better. Thank you all again for all your prayers, positive thoughts and comments!

Upcoming- a very belated 9 month post and PICTURES of B!


Shannon said...

That is GREAT news!! Here's to continued progress for him. Will continue to keep him and your family in our prayers.

Andrea said...

God is GOOD!!!!! So glad to hear the wonderful news!

Kitty said...

Thinking of you! Will pray for your dad! So glad he's doing so awesome! Just DH's dad was in the hospital/pulmonary rehab for over 5 mths and came home last it's all possible. :) Praying for your dad!

Kimmygintx said...

YAY! Glad to hear the good news. Yes, the power of prayer is an amazing thing. :)