Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Fair!

A couple Saturdays ago we took Brynna to the fair!

It was a lot of fun and not too hot, although getting to the fair was a disaster in and of itself. Holy Cow! I should have Batman do a guest post on here and tell the story because it's a doozy!

Anyway, here are some pics of our fun :)

Batman, B and Batman's parents waiting in line

Two pigs that were TOO cute!

Brynna wasn't too fond of the pigs or the sheep... thank goodness for Dad!

She seemed to like the cows well enough!

And the rabbits! Wait I think this one is a gerbil?

This one must be the rabbit

Cute baby chics, literally just born. They hatch them in an incubator 5 feet away and once they are out, toss them in here.

This guy was hilarious because anytime anyone got near he would get up on the fence like he was smiling for a picture! ha!

Big geese!

The only fair food Brynna got to try... a sucker Ha!

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someday-soon said...

So cute! We took Kylie to the fair this year and her favorite was watching the big, stinky tractor =)