Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend fun! With pictures! And VIDEOS!

The last 4 days have been a whirlwind around here! Thursday night started the "official" start of the cheer season as we had tryout clinics, then again on Friday with the tryout and decision on Saturday. Here's B and I Saturday morning before we headed out: I'm pretty excited about this year as a) I am officially the head coach (no more just assistant or pseudo-head coach like the last couple years) b) I have a big squad this year = more stunting! c) I have 5 guys this year so far (with hopefully 2 more coming soon) and d) it's just really fun hanging out with a bunch of college kids... keeps me young ;-) Sunday we went out to the base for the annual family day festivities Here's Batman and Miss when we first arrived (and my FIL in the background): And the 3 of us after lunch in front of one of the A-10s: And here's a video of Batman getting pied in the face. CFC puts on a fundraiser every year to benefit some local charities between now and Christmas (Red Cross, Humane Society, etc). Batman went for $500 if you can believe it, which was the 3rd highest of the day!
Sorry it's so dark. That's what I get for using my phone (and refusing to move for better lighting) Haha! Sunday night we also had my new team over for welcome dinner/ get-to-know-you session. It was a good time too! Hope everyone had a great weekend! And here's what Beamer has been up to this morning so far:

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Jen said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and video with us and good luck on your cheer season!