Friday, September 17, 2010

Remember when...?

Remember when I told you that I had some maternity photos taken?

You know, like 11 months ago?

Ya, well I finally got them back! I won't complain because they were free and all. Plus the photog is a friend and has been super busy (getting preggo) moving.

Here are a couple of my favorite (please look past the massive amounts of stretch marks! Yikes! I didn't realize I had so many) :(. If you want to see the whole gamut, head over here.


someday-soon said...

Better late than never =) Great pics!

Iris Savea said...

aww... those are great pics!! =) I bet it brings back memories!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Doesn't it make you all teary eyed?

Kimmygintx said...

Absolutely beautiful! They remind me of me late in my pregnancy... all baby! Gorgeous!