Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hopefully the beginning of the end

Of diapers! This morning Brynna came up to me and said "Pee pee Mommy" so we quickly ran to the bathroom where her potty chair resides, whisked off her pants and diaper and- lo and behold- she went pee on the potty!!! She was so proud of herself. And we found some "special" princess stickers (aka some random ones in my plethora of scrapbook supplies *wink* but she doesn't know that) as a reward for being such a big girl!

Now, I haven't gotten her to go again yet, but we are going to keep at it! I'm hoping that this is the start of real potty training- wish us luck!


Happily Married said...

YAY! So proud of you MIss B! We're headed on that train after Will's potty seat gets here on Monday. KUP on all your tricks, tips & successes! This is SO exciting for your family!

best pre workout supplement 2012 said...

that would be great... wish you luck!!

someday-soon said...

Woo-hoo! Way to go Brynna