Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 yrs old!

Thank you all for the birthday wished for my girl! I can't believe I have a 2 yr old already. It kind of makes me sad a little that my baby girl is growing up so fast. But honestly, I'm LOVING Brynna at this age :) She so full of curiosity and her personality is really beginning to shine (along with the terrible twos and tantrums. Oy!)

Her birthday was fabulous! We had so much fun and it so nice to see all the people that love her :) I took a few pics with my phone, but most of the good pics are on my IL camera so as soon as I can get their card I'll post better ones ;-)

We had her 2 yr well kid check yesterday and she "passed" with flying colors. Here are her stats... although I think they're a bit scewed since they weighed and measured her with her clothes and shoes on (werid right?)
Height: 32.5 in (10%)
Weight:27 lbs (50%)
Again, still pretty petite, but growing right on track!

She was a little scared at first when he wanted to look in her ears and eyes, but she sat on my lap instead of the table and did just fine. Such a big girl! She got her hep A and flu shot and cried for about 10 seconds (until she was handed a sticker and a sucker).

She seems to be growing like a weed! We finally bumped her up this month to 2T (yep, skipped right over 24 mos... seemed silly to buy that size when 2T will last longer even if they are a bit big right now). Still in size 4 'sposies (I think... it's been a while since we've used any) still CDing (I'm so OVER diapers ya'll- Can't WAIT for her to be PT... but that may be a while... see below).

She talks a ton these days and we are really having to be careful what we say because she's a little parrot (I called some other driver a jacka$$ the other day while we were driving and wouldn't you know it she yelled out some version of it HA! Oops!)

She is doing really well with her motor skills, but we've decided to sign her up for a toddler gymnastics class starting next (Nov) month (similar to LittleGym)! We really love this gym! My cheer team practices in their cheer gym part on Saturdays (The cheer gym director is my assistant coach) and the entire facility is AMAZING! I can't wait!

We've been having a bit of an issue with getting her to eat more than just a few bites at meals these days and I'm hoping it's just a phase? If anyone has good ideas for toddler meals, let me know. I'm at a loss some days on what to make her for lunch (although I will admit I've taken some ideas from Ella on her WSA vs WSWO days) ;-)

Brynna also has become a morning person. This has been going on for some time now (unfortunately) and while it's nice to get the day started, I don't so much enjoy starting it at 5 am. Let me sleep in until 6 at least PLEASE! I'm kind of scared how daylight savings time is going to go around here... YIKES! Her doc suggested that we keep her up an hour or so later for a week and see if that helps her sleep later when the time change occurs. Hopefully that will help!

Potty training has been put on the back burner for a while. She's gone pee in the potty 2 times (and I think this was just good timing on my part vs her actually "going" out of cognitive thought), but other than that, she doesn't seem all that interested. She still could care less about sitting in a poopy diaper. Again, per her doc's suggestion, we will revisit it again in a couple months and see. In the meantime, we will still ask her a few times a day if she wants to sit on it and try to "go." Even if she only sits for a couple seconds, she's picking up the concept, right?

And that's all I can think of... here's a few recent pics (some of her party):

 One of my favorite pics this month
 Being silly with Mr Potatohead!
 She makes this face all the time and it makes me laugh :)
 At her party with Auntie Ashley (sorry it's blurry... dang iphone!)
 With Batman's mom and dad and cousin Roenan
 Mommy and B at her party!
 Papa (my dad) and B going through her "treasures" from the hay find
 Putting her new baby to bed
"helping" with dinner last night


Mandy said...


Ella said...

Sounds like B is doing great!! I think picky eating is sooo normal at this age... glad I can help with some new food ideas, and I'm always looking for ideas, too.

I must know more about this hay find... was that in your house? I love the barn doors!

Happily Married said...

What a great update! Happy birthday to your sweet little girl. Got a great laugh at her parrotting abilities. We're dealing with total distraction and pickiness at meals these days too. I know it sounds mean but I only make one meal and if he doesn't eat then he has the chance to eat at the next one. I do try to vary it up and keep at least one of his favorites in there during the day. I've also found some great ideas on Pinterest by searching "kids lunches". Good luck!

someday-soon said...

Happy 2nd birthday B!!! Love all the pics =) Funny that they weighed her with all her clothes on...maybe 2 is when they start that?

Shannon said...

Love all the pics! The picky eating comes and goes as with everything else. Yes, daylight savings time will suck. It's funny because before you had kids an extra hour was great, now I enjoy the spring when you actually lose an hour but the kids sleep later. The things we happily suffer through as parents.