Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It must be on the brain

T minus 6 days and counting until the IUD comes out!

And apparently even though my conscious mind doesn't think about it a lot, my subconsious is in baby overdrive. Every night for the past two weeks, at least, I've dreamt I'm preggo.


And to be honest, the dreams are kind of starting to freak me out.  

Because, are we really ready for #2? I realize there is no guarantee that we'll even get a #2. And there's also no guarantee that it will happen quickly. But if we do, and if it does... are we really ready for another one? Will Brynna be ready to share the attention? I barely stay sane with just her these days... what are we thinking?


Shannon said...

You'll be ready for #2. I thought going from one to two was easier than from zero to one. I think most people will agree. Plus Brynna's nearly two and with 9 months of pregnancy she'll be much more independent the closer to three she gets. (This is assuming you get pregnant quickly)

My two are 3 years, 4 months apart and it was perfect timing (in my opinion). Either way you'll get in the swing of things with two just the way you did with one.

someday-soon said...

I'm right there with ya sister! I have the same exact thoughts. I agree with Shannon, we'll be ready when we get there =) After all, that's what the 9 month waiting period is right, time to get ready!

Lauren said...

I have been trying naturally for... over 8 months. I know I'll need fertility treatments again to get pregnant, but we're still trying. And I have these freaked out moments sometimes, too. I think we/you would have them regardless of how old our kids were. Even if they were 5, 6, 7...

Happily Married said...

There's never a perfect time for another baby but you'll be so ready to meet that little one if and when you do become pg with him/her. Contemplating it mentally will seem harder than it is IRL. Now, don't get me wrong. There are moments but they're fleeting. And the rewards are beyond words. Wishing you luck & also so reprieval of your preggo dreams since they're freaking you out.

Anonymous said...

I worry about these same things every day! (Well, except the "will there be a #2" thing.....clearly God had that one planned out without me even knowing!)

You know what's sad, though? (And what makes me feel really guilty?)

What I worry about the MOST is, "Will I be able to keep even a fraction of my sanity with TWO KIDS--one barely 2 and one newborn, AND work my full-time (super stressful) job at the same time??"

I'm terrified of the answer to that.