Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We had such a blast at the aquarium yesterday! I can't wait to share all the pics with y'all (still haven't figured out how to get them off my phone to blogger) we got to see all sorts of sea creatures, touch and feel anemones and star fish, watch the sea otters, give high gives to the tank diver through the glass and watch lunchtime! I don't know that I'd pay the full price to do it again but any time groupon has a deal we will snag it for sure!

After the aquarium we walked down a few blocks to ivars (a Seattle icon) for some great clam chowder (the only seafood I eat... And only from there) and then up to the market to pick up some bread for dinner.

It was such a fun day hanging out with my dad and sister!

Today's agenda: lunch with Gigi (my grandma/ b's great grandma).

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Shannon said...

You can post them in a blog post on the blogger app for iphone. When you make a post on your phone on the bottom left hand corner there should be two little icons, one is a camera one looks like a sun and a mountain. If you hit the sun/mountain icon it lets you post anything you have in your photo library (including videos)

Hope that helps :) Can't wait to see pictures.