Tuesday, February 28, 2012

12 weeks!

Big. Fat. Liar.

Yep, that's what I'm calling myself these days. Emphasis on the Big and Fat and Liar parts. I really have been busy though. Lots going on around here keeping us on our toes.

But regardless, here's the first (of many, I assure you) baby #2 post!
taken at 12wk, 1dy
 (I'm still learning with my new camera... If anyone has any tips, please TELL ME!)
Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 12 weeks, 5 days

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about 2 inches long and the size of an egg. S/he weighs about a half an ounce.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well, this is where things get a little wonky. As of Sunday morning I was only +2. And then I weighed myself at home before my appt and I was +5. And then at the office I was +7 (OMG! Yikes! In my defense I just drank about 2 L of water though after my workout and I think that tipped the scale just a bit) and then this morning I'm back to just over +2... So I think I'm sticking with +2 and we'll see at the next appt, how things look.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, yes, yes. As I mentioned in a prior post, this time around the belly seems to have come out of nowhere. By the end of the day I feel HUGE (even Batman has made comments that I'm bigger earlier this time). I've been wearing my maternity jeans since week 9? I think that's when I broke down. My normal pants (besides sweats) were digging into my already (huge) growing belly and it just wasn't comfortable any more. Shirts are still hit and miss. Most of my pre preggo ones went into storage a couple weeks ago (since they aren't GOING to fit for a while and I don't have a huge closet) so I'm sure I could still get wear out of them, but I don't really know since I don't wear them. The ones I left behind fit fine, just getting a little snug in the belly of course.

And I really don't like much of what I had with B. Sad, I know, but at least the consignment stores around here carry a small selection, so as things progress I'll be deleting and adding to my preggo wardrobe.
Gender: We'll find out in about 8 weeks on April 23rd. Or at least that's when the u/s is. We've been throwing around the idea of having a gender reveal party so we may have them put it in an envelope to open later with family. I don't really have any thoughts on which yet. My BIL is convinced we're having another girl. And Brynna wants a brother. And the chinese gender chart says boy. But that's all the inklings I have ;-)

Movement: None yet. I felt B for the first time about 14-15 weeks so maybe in another couple/three weeks?

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well, other than having to get up and pee once or twice a night. I'm so exhausted by 8 that I'm usually in bed and asleep no later than 9. I live an exciting life, don't I?

What I miss: My skinny jeans. I had FINALLY fit into them last fall and wore the heck out of them. And by week 8 they no longer fit. Even with a belly band they were pretty uncomfortable, so into the attic they went :( Hopefully by next Christmas they will fit again!! And I miss waking up without morning sickness. These days I still have to hightail it to the kitchen for a piece of fruit or I'll be dry heaving into the toilet. I hope the end of this is soon. I'm ready for the "honeymoon" of the 2T!

Cravings: Last week it was bread and butter pickles- which we found out Brynna LOVES. This week it's been french fries (just like with B- and I only caved and ate these ONCE this time! Yay!).

Symptoms: Exhaustion. As I mentioned, I'm usually asleep by 9, some days earlier. Which has been wonderful for Batman and his SWTOR gaming time. He can play to his heart's content and there are NO complaints from me ;-) Nausea. Ya, this one's kind of been a beeotch. I don't think it's as bad as with B since I haven't actually puked, only dry heaves, but it sucks royally. And up until about 3 I have to eat every couple hours or it rears it's head in full force. Constipation. I've resorted to prune juice. Enough said. Itchiness. This one perplexes me. I had this same symptom when I was pregnant with our son, but it may just be dry skin as it's been a particularly cold, dry winter here. I've been ramping up the lotion and that helps a little, but I feel like I'm constantly scratching my arms and legs.

Best Moment this week: Hearing the HB. Hands. Down. I've had anxiety all week about it, even having slightly elevated BP yesterday. But once Dr W found it, it was like everything was right with the world. B even heard it and said "that baby?" It was too cute ;-)

What I'm looking forward to: Looking preggo and not just kinda fat, more energy (workouts have been KILLER lately) and NO MS!

Milestones: I think I'm almost into the 2T, right? Isn't it about 13 weeks?


someday-soon said...

Yippy, the 1st preggo post!!! Happy to hear your little one is doing great and it sounds like you are too. I've heard the belly with #2 pops SO much quicker so don't feel alone there. A friend of mine with m/s kept a cracker next to her bed so she could eat it before she got up. Said it was HUGE in keeping her m/s under control first thing in the morning. I had horrible itchiness during pregnancy too. No idea what causes it...

Lauren said...

I think you are already in the 3rd Trimester at 12 weeks 5 days. Although everyone's opinion is different about when you switch over.

I keep a whole box of crackers on my bedside table. I need to eat them in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning.

Morning sickness sucks! I hope it goes away for you soon!

And if you feel like you are huge, feel free to check back in my posts to see my gigantic belly. I haven't posted a picture since 6 weeks, but seriously, it's huge. You look reasonable:)

Emma said...

Awww cute bump!!! And the 2T starts between 12 and 13 weeks so I say you are officially there =) its so amazing how much quicker you pop the 2nd time!

Camerawise: http://www.digital-photography-school.com/ this website has lots of great tutorials and info on using your dSLR! i have skimmed through it quite a bit... however I haev found that just playing with the settings in different lights has made a world of difference. Also have started to do more research into lenses because while the lense that came with it is a nice all purpose lense after reading that site I found that I probably will want to get at least 1 more, probably 2.

Melissa said...

Yes, the belly pops MUCH sooner with each subsequent pregnancy. You look beautiful, Tiff!

My guess is girl. I can't wait to find out.

Kitty said...

Oh yay- cute post, cute belly. Glad all is going well! :)

Christina said...

Yay, congrats on 12 weeks!

I was wearing maternity clothes a lot earlier too the 2nd time around. Too bad you don't live close or I'd give you all of my old clothes. I'm waiting for someone I know to get pregnant so I can give them all away!

CherryG said...

Confratulations! Since this is your second baby, you may also try the hariline gender prediction method:

"If this is your second child, look at the back of the neck of your first born. If the hairline goes straight across, your baby will be the same gender that your first born is. If the hairline goes to a point, your baby will be the opposite gender of what your first born is."

I also like the traditional pregnany chart, as it has been 2 for 2 for me.