Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MIA again.

This seems to be my MO lately. Just don't feel like I have a lot to say I guess. I've been going back and forth on doing the weekly preggo updates like I did with B. part of me thinks it's a little overdone. But then again, this is my blog so who cares? Lol plus I pretty much use this blog instead of making baby books.
So, decision made. Starting tomorrow at the 11 week mark I'll start the weekly updates :) maybe even compare belly shots? I won't be doing the bare belly this time around. Besides all the stretch marks that I'm sure you'd rather not see, I did tell batman I'd keep it less risqué ;)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines day! I know we sure did!! We had a nice dinner in (chilis take out) and spent time just the 3 of us :) batman bought me a new camera! I've been wanting one forever!! (it also doubles as my anniversary gift lol) it's a canon t3i dslr, so all you photog mommies out there... Help! I need all the pointers I can get ;)

Happy hump day y'all! We're off to get groceries and go to the library!


Lauren said...

Well, it's not like everyone thinks they're being unique when they do their weekly posts:) I did posts with Noah, but definitely not weekly. More like every 3 or 4 weeks... maybe less often than that sometimes! I think I will be doing them this time around. Perhaps more often than I did last time, since my entire blog isn't devoted to my pregnancy this time around.

So go ahead and do your updates! :)

someday-soon said...

WOO-HOO, preggo updates!!! I'm looking forward to following you along in your pregnancy =) Happy you had a great Valentines and contrats on your new camera!

Kitty said...

I love pregnant updates (esp when they are on a blog you choose to follow, maybe not on FB all in your face-like, ha!) so feel free to do them for me! :)