Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Random updates

Sorry it's been a week since my last post. Not much has been going on that's blog worthy ;)

-I had my appt with the neuro and she made the call that my "incident" last week was just a migraine. No need for any more follow up unless I have more strange episodes. I do have to continue the baby aspirin while preggo, but that's no big deal.

- pinterest is like crack

- B is doing great. We've put PT on hold for a while since she just doesn't seem ready yet. I'm okay with this although I do really want her out of diapers before this next one arrives. I have full confidence this will happen ;)

- im considering getting her a bike or tricycle for summer. Any suggestions on good ones?

- I've already broken out the maternity pants. I really was hoping I could make it a few more weeks, but I seem to have already gotten the bloat... It's lovely. Really. And I look much farther along than just 10 weeks. Fun.

- I really kind of hate most of my maternity clothes that I had with B. Thankfully, I discovered that many of the kids consignment stores around here also have a small selection of mat clothes! Hooray! I'm thinking I may trade in my old stuff for some "new to me" stuff soon.

- I spend way too much time on pinterest.

- I'm so ready for the cheer season to be over. This is my last year and I'm so burned out, I'm just ready to be done!

- I've decided I really need a trip to Disney and soon... Even if I can't ride many rides...

- we got our taxes done and sent off last night and it looks like we will get to pad our savings a little :) which is needed since we used a bit to get our floors done in December.

- batman and I are struggling with names (yes we've already started brainstorming). So far neither of us can come up with ones we like. For either gender.

- so far Brynna wants a brother.

- pinterest sucks my life away

- I need to find some kind of work from home job that I can make a couple hundred dollars a month at. Not sure I'm cut out for things like scentsy or pampered chef. Any ideas?

- I've also decided I need to stop watching Disney channel or my Disney obsession is going to get out of hand.

- did I mention pinterest is like crafting crack?

- that is all


Shannon said...

Pinterest is like crack - I've managed not to get too addicted yet.

We have a Kettler tricycle that Ella got when she was two and Sam rides it now - I guess it's been five years and it's adjustable for size. Both kids still ride it - although Ella has her regular bike but she still likes riding the trike too. They're more pricey, but last forever. Ours almost looks new still.

I work from home doing transcription work, but it can take up quite a bit of time, so it's probably not the best thing with small children.

Off to spend some time on Pinterest! :)

Lauren said...

I am 5 weeks pregnant, and I have been huge since before 4 weeks. Seriously, huge. I look like a normal person looks at 5 months. And I normally have a totally flat stomach. It's really weird.

Ella said...

I make a little bit of side income taking care of two friends' kiddos two days a week (one on each day). I keep a second car seat in my car so that we can still go out and do fun stuff like I normally would during the day with Eliza. It adds up to a nice bit of cash each month!

I second you on Pintrest! BUT, I've found - and done/made/cooked - so many fun things, it's proven its worth to me so I love it :)

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