Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why does everyone not know about this?

I've been trying to get videos and slide shows to upload to blogger all this week (stuff from our seattle trip and from Home since then) but to no avail. I think it's time I ask batman for help.

In the meantime, this week I realized that many weekly chores have been sorely overlooked (as in I've been a lazy mamma and haven't done them. Instead we've been enjoying all the glorious summer weather).

For example our master bathroom shower. It's been wiped down but not seriously cleaned like it needed.

And since I've been seeing this cleaner recipe floating around pinterest for the last few weeks I figured I'd give it a shot? And now I kinda wish I had taken before and after photos.

O. M. G. Y'all my shower hasn't been this clean in at least a decade (and we've only lived here 8 yrs...) the only tedious part was getting it all rinsed off and to be honest if I had only let it sit an hour or 2 instead of like 5 (today was library day... We do have some priorities here) I think it would have been much easier. There was seriously NO work involved. Just spray it on. Leave it alone for a while. Wipe it off.

Easy peasy.

You must try it if you have any soap scum or hard water stains.

I promise we do have more blog worthy posts coming... This just made my day today. ;)

Happy hump day!!


Kickin' Kari said...

Can you post a link to this miracle shower cleaner, por favor?? LOL I see so many on Pinterest its hard to tell which one you are talking about. :o)

Lauren said...

Umm, are you teasing us? Why didn't you give us the link!

Emma said...

i need the link!!