Thursday, October 30, 2008


So there is a reason I don't/ won't let family read this blog (they don't really know I have one, and I want it to STAY that way). My SIL is always spouting off about some new thing that she read (BTW she knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING) and already gives inaccurate and unsolicited infertility advice. All/ most of which I ignore because I have been at this long enough to know what's what. Besides I have a really hard time taking advice about infertility from someone who gets knocked up at the drop of a hat (My neice was conceived when SIL and BIL were in college and not "careful" and my nephew was a "maybe we should try for another baby? Oh I guess we are pg." baby)
Yesterday she had a post up on our family blog regarding an article about the relationship between women who drink alcohol during pg and autism in children. She went on a complete rant about how this behavior is extremely selfish and "can't you just do something right for your child during pg when your child doesn't have a choice?" I was completely irritated with this. Although I will *probably* not imbibe during pg, I would never judge someone who did. It's not my place. If they want to have a drink now and then, it's their choice. SIL on the other hand would probably run up and take the drink out of their hand and pour it over their head. In my mind a sip, or heaven forbid a whole glass, of wine or beer is not going to do any damage to a child in utero. After reading her running commentary on the ills of alcohol, I went back and read through the article. Amazingly enough the women in the study had upwards of 15 drinks a week. Um... correct me if I am wrong but that sounds like an awful lot. That would be at least 3 drinks a night. I don't think she caught on to the amount because she kept referring to "even one drink."
Seriously woman! Read the entire article and stop being such a judgemental b*tch! Ugh!
Today, mysteriously, the post has disappeared. Weird?!
And, no, I didn't respond to her on there. It wasn't worth it to me.

Sorry for the rant, just had to get it out.

PS- for Nancy- I am on an unmonitored Clomid cycle (maybe because it's my first?) but I am going to ask that I at least get the CD3/ 21 (or 7dpo) b/w done this next cycle.
PPS- my uterus (or what I think is my uterus LOL) feels weird. Kind of like an aching or something... weird huh?

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nancy said...

Grrr. I think the first clomid cycle is the most important one to be monitored on! I really really really think at least a couple u/s should be done to see if the follicles developed at all. Are they developing but not getting big? Are they developing then petering out? Are the developing but your body isn't releasing them?

See, my problem is your doc will most likely simply UP your dosage when you may not need it. Drives me batty.

If you are a bit achey, it could be the ovaries getting tender because you are close to ovulation. Looking back at my charts, my latest ovulation was cd21 - and that was on medication. My follies are slow growers. So I would definitely keep OPKing.

About the alcohol and pregnancy thing. Ugh. How annoying. 15 drinks per week?! Holy shit!! I have had a glass of wine or beer a handful of times through pregnancy, but only ONE drink in any ONE period. Never more than one/week! No, I lied. I had 2 glasses of beer in the same weekend during my best friend's wedding.

I just read a study about alcohol and pregnancy ... 400,000 women were studied, all who drank less than 8 servings of alcohol per week. There was not ONE case of fetal alcohol syndrome or fetal alchol effects. 15 drinks per week? OMG.