Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun times at the doctor's office

Well, Batman was still adamantly against having said IUD removed, so it remains in place.
However, yesterday's appt was quite the doozy.

First off, let me just say that Brynna is a really good kid. She doesn't throw tantrums when we are out in public (much...yet!) and she is pretty good at keeping herself occupied. Which she did while we were in the room, like usual. What kept her busy though was taking EVERY. DAMN. THING. out of the diaper bag. And then out of my wallet. So you can imagine the scene that the doc (who I have never met before) walks into when he comes in the room. Disaster everywhere. Nice first impression, eh? Thankfully, he has lots of moms that bring in their kiddos (or so he said) so he's seen just about everything.

Second, he couldn't find the strings. And so had to go "searching" for them. You can imagine how lovely this feels. Ya, it was great. Nothing like having a speculum inserted and taken out half a dozen times and then the doc fingering you 3 times in order to just FIND the damn things! Curse you Batman!

Third, he found a polyp while digging around in my nether regions. So obviously that had to be removed. Which means he had to leave the room for a few minutes to get additional hardware for removal. Which also means, out comes the speculum. again. And Brynna discovered the diaper bag. Again.

And of course, having to remove said polyp means he lost the location of the strings again. More digging, more fingering, more speculum in and out.

I promise this doc wasn't a complete moron. In fact, I'm surprised he ended up even finding the strings at all. Or being able to cut anything off of them. Because, you guys? They were literally less than a centimeter long.

I actually kind of liked this doc. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing him again if my own doc was unavailable.

I will NOT however be getting another IUD after this ones comes out.


someday-soon said...

Wow, that sounds like quite a trip to the doc! Happy it's over and the strings have been located =)

Morgan Owens said...

Sheesh, what an eventful trip! :) Mason likes to reorganize the magazine racks at the dr.'s office..yeah, not fun to pick up!

Melissa said...

LOL, what an ob/gyn nightmare. Glad everything is taken care of now.