Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday {thursday} weigh in

Well, it wasn't a complete bust of a week! I was a little worried since we had family in town for 3 birthdays this last weekend. My nephew turned 1 last week! And Batman's older grandma turned 95! And next week my other nephew turns 7! Oh my! There was enough cake and ice cream to feed an army! I only had very small slices and no ice cream ;-)

Weight loss/ gain: -1 woot woot! It's a miracle!
Skinny Jeans: Up past my knees, but not much farther. I still have a long way to go, but I will get there dang it!

Yesterday's work out was a bust as Brynna was super sick :( Poor kiddo had a rough night, then woke up with a fever (which being the bad mom I am, didn't check until AFTER we had gone grocery shopping) and ended up taking a 3 hour nap... ON ME! She wouldn't sleep in her crib last night either so she ended up in our bed for a few hours, then was up at 4 this morning. She and I ended up sleeping on the couch a bit this morning after Batman went to work and she seems to be feeling better. Well, at least she's eating and drinking today!

So plan this week- keep eating well and continue with p90. I'm making up for yesterday by doing weights and cardio today, but I think I'm going to skip yoga (which should be today) this week and do it next week (it's my least favorite of the work outs... yes, I will do plyo ANY day over yoga!).

Anywho... Brynna's taking a nap which means I need to get moving ;-)

ETA: workout for today... check and check ;-)


someday-soon said...

Nice job! Hope you get your workouts in and B feels better really soon.

~Rachel~ said...

Good work!!

I would do yoga over any other workout anytime, I hate doing true cardio!!!

How about I do your yoga and you do my cardio? :)

Charlotte said...

Hey Tiff...

I'm blogging again after a long absence.

How is the p90x? My hubby and I were looking at getting it, but I dunno anyone who does it. How hard is it??