Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not much going on....

I haven't had a whole lot to blog about this week. We are just counting down the days until Batman comes home. I think these next couple weeks are going to creep by :(

I've been playing a little roller coaster game with the weight loss the past few weeks. Still doing p90, although my enthusiasm has waned a bit. You'd think with only a couple weeks left of the program, I'd be stoked to finish, but instead I find myself making excuses... last week's dental visit may have been a damper on my spirits haha! I am down overall, which is good. So I will keep on plugging. Since I only have 2 weeks left, I gotta make them count right?

I realized I also completely missed Brynna's 19 mo update. Terrible mom! So I think I'll just combine her 20 mo update with it and post that next week. This girl is growing into quite the little character, I tell ya! She's saying so many new words every day! And that personality- Oh my!

We are also working on Father's Day gifts this week. We usually make t-shirts for my dad and Batman's dad. They have this long running joke about them both being #2 dads so we usually do something along those lines (#2 Dad, not quite first place- #2 Dad, first runner up- #2 Dad, almost #1 but not quite- you get the idea) Last year we did one- #2 Dad but #1 Papa/ Grandpa. And this year I'm out of ideas. Seriously, I got nothin'. I think I may take the easy way out and make them all i t-shirts (iDad, iPapa, iGranpa). Batman's been kind of obsessed with his iphone so it works well for him. Not sure about the grandpas though. Any thoughts? *sigh*

If I can remember I will post some pic on my secret project. I am nearing completion ;-) I can't wait for Batman to come home and see it (aka be impressed by my mad building skills LOL).

Yep, that about sums it up... Happy Thursday  


Melissa said...

Not much longer until Batman comes home!

It's so hard sticking with a workout routine, but with only two weeks left, hopefully you can find the motivation to push through it. Great job on the weight loss, though!

I have no Father's Day ideas for you. I'm the least creative person out there. I just send my dad a card (lame, I know) and I already hired a sitter for Sunday so I can treat my husband to an afternoon *OUT* - hitting the beach, restaurant, or whatever else we care to do. That will be a first!

Can't wait to see how your little building project comes out. I'm curious as to what you've been working on!

Happily Married said...

You go girl! Getting this huge project done while Batman is gone has GOT to feel amazing. Keep truckin' on the weight loss. I know for me the last part is always the hardest part but you'll be so proud that you were able to check that box when he arrives home. Not to mention the confidence you'll have when behind closed doors (or at least it helps me) if that's not TMI.

As far as Father's Day gifts for the dads I did the same idea as I made for Mother's Day off of The Sassy Pepper (the Mod Podge Canvas Picture idea).

someday-soon said...

Good for you for sticking with your routine! Look forward to the 19/20 mo update =)