Wednesday, June 29, 2011

19/20 month update

I'm such a slacker that I completely missed a 19 month update. But in my defense, it's been a whirlwind of activity in the last month here, counting down the days until Batman comes home.

So here's what's been up with Little Miss:

We don't have any true stats since she hasn't been to the dr, but the other day when we went in to have her checked out and got THE dx, she weighed in at 24lb 14oz with her clothes and shoes on. Too bad her shoes along are like 1/2 a pound... so I would say she's pretty close to her 18 mo weight, maybe a few ounces more?

She's STILL in the same sizes, a lot of 12 month, but mostly 18 month. Anything bigger (24mo, 2T) is way, WAY too big. Still in size 4 'sposies, when she wears them (which is only at grandmas). And obviously, her OS BG are fitting just fine ;-)

Her vocabulary has EXPLODED! I guess, I should say you were all right (correct). There was no real reason for me to worry about her verbal skills ;-) It was somewhere in between 19 and 20 months that she started repeating a lot of what I say, so I've warned Batman to watch his mouth when he gets home. Being around military for any length of time and he comes home with a potty mouth ;-)

Naps are about the same at 1.5-3 hours depending on the day. She sleeps at night from 7:30- 6:30/7 most of the time, although the last week has been terrible since she's been sick.

She LOVES playing outside and says "ow-siiii" 100 times a day. And then throws a fit if we don't go outside. She's also discovered a love for otter pops, which I was hesitant to give her since they're loaded with sugar. But I guess since she doesn't get a lot of sweets elsewhere it's okay... right?

We've also discovered Yo Gabba Gabba. And let me tell you it makes me want to blow my ear drums out. However, B LOVES it! So I just let her watch an episode once in a while and try to ignore it.

We've been hanging out a ton at my IL pool and Brynna has started saying "ready, set, GO!" although it sounds more like "eh ee, eht, GO!" and then she'll "jump" (well, it's more of a lean really) into my arms so I can twirl her in circles in the water. It's the CUTEST thing!

Oh, and she's decided she can't go anywhere without her purse and sunglasses these days. If I try to leave without them, she won't budge until we grab them. It's pretty hysterical :)

I almost forgot! The kid is OBSESSED with rocks. It's "rock, rock, rock" everywhere we go and see a rock or she even thinks of a rock! She picks them up and puts them into a pile. Then she puts that pile into piles. then she throws them back and starts all over. It's crazy!

And that's all I can think of... not much for a full 2 months worth, but it works. I think I've decided I will continue to do monthly updates until her birthday and then we will go to once every 6 months or so. Here are a few of my favorite snap shots from the last 2 months:

PS: Today's the day we've been waiting for!!


Melissa said...

Look at that pretty little girl! Yes, Adrienne's vocabulary didn't really expand until after 18 months - it seems that's a common age for kids to really start repeating everything you say. And once they start down that path, they never shut up! LOL

Ella said...

Love the photos! LOL, I love that she must wear her sunglasses and have her purse in order to leave the house. Too cute.

(btw I totally forgot to do E's 19 month update, as well...!)

Happily Married said...

Enjoy every split second you can today and in the days that follow. That sweet joy is something to remember for sure! She's a beautiful (and itty bitty) little girl! Oh how they grow up WAY too quickly!