Sunday, July 3, 2011


Batman arrived home late Wednesday evening, hence the blog hiatus. And it's been GLORIOUS! I almost forgot how nice it was to have him home ;-)

We've chilaxin' and swimming and just spending time together these last few days. The base gave him 5 days off before in-processing on Tuesday so we've been making the most of it. B just LOVES her daddy and I can tell she missed him. He seems to be her go to choice most of the time lately, which makes his day :)

Gotta run... update on my project soon, now that Batman has seen it (and was pretty blown away btw)!


Happily Married said...

AWESOME! Those down-time days together are the BEST! And how cool that Miss B goes to Batman first these days. :) Can't wait to see your project...I've been wondering what you worked on and how the final product came out.

Melissa said...

That's great news, Tiff! So happy that your family has been reunited once again. Enjoy!

Mandy said...

YAY! Glad you guys are having fun!