Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home again, home again

Well, this post was supposed to go up Monday. However, I apparently hit the save button and not the publish button... lovely. Here it is anyway:

We spent the weekend a couple hours north of here in McCall for our annual family vacation. It was a pretty glorious 3 days with lots of sunshine and family fun!

We headed up after Batman got off work on Thursday evening. The cabin we rented was gorgeous! {And for sale! If only I could afford the $500K price tag ;-)} And fit the 9 of us that made it (Batman's youngest brother and his family couldn't get the time off work + my SIL is preggo and sadly miserable this time around). We had a campfire the first night and did some reminiscing, stayed up way too late and fell into bed sometime around 2am.
(This is problematic when you have a daughter who refuses to sleep past 6 am even when she goes to bed 3 hours past her normal bedtime)

Friday dawned bright and early. We ate breakfast, played outdoor games (ladder golf, horseshoes, bocce ball) and went for a long bike ride (which B was NOT a fan of!).
                                                  Batman and A being crazy!
 We went to the lake for the afternoon, after some very short naps (including Miss B's 30 min wonder), went swimming and played in the sand.

This mama did a little relaxing in the shade though because a) the lake water is snow run off = freezing cold = not fun to swim in and b) I was miserably sick the whole weekend (aftermath of the whole handm, foot and mouth debacle + catching Brynna's sinus infection).  Friday night, I tried a home remedy of an alcohol induced slumber to try and rid myself of the sickies, but to no avail. The campfire was fun though. We did more reminiscing and had a good bunch of laughs ;-)

Saturday everyone seemed a bit on edge, so we all laid low for the most part. We walked around town,
went swimming at the ranch pool,

baked some goodies for the evening and tried to keep the peace ;-)

Sunday we packed up all our stuff, returned the cabin keys and headed to tourist central for breakfast aka The Pancake House. And while the food is good (but not anything spectacular), the wait time for a table and then the service was TERRIBLE. Like beyond belief. As in, we won't be going there. Ever. Again. Which is sad, really.
And then after we headed on home.
And that's our weekend in a nutshell. Happy Monday!

Well, here it is Wednesday night when I'm trying to put out another post... guess that one will have to wait a couple days...


~Rachel~ said...

Looks like fun!! I love B's little pig tails! :)

Happily Married said...

Sounds like it was a LOT of fun...minus the sickies and breakfast debacle!

someday-soon said...

Fun weekend! Love the pictures of Miss B and Batman...I bet it's so nice to have him home. Hope you are feeling better.

Kitty said...

B's looking so cute and so big. :)