Monday, July 25, 2011

Heartfelt thanks

Thank you all for your kind words, encouragement, support and prayers! They have meant a lot to me these last few days.

My dad's meeting with the mayor has been postponed for the moment, as the mayor has other things more pressing at this time. They are supposed to call him this week to reschedule. Until then, he assumes he's on paid admin leave.

My parents met with a disabilities lawyer this afternoon and he feels they have a very strong case, should they need to proceed. At this point they are waiting to see what, if anything, the union is going to do.

So now it's just a waiting game. I know in my heart things will turn out alright, even if that means my dad no longer is working (maybe early retirement?). God will see them through as he always has and does.

As far as Batman, Little Miss and I- we had a great weekend of "spring" cleaning and organizing. Our house feels like it's back to normal again ;-)


Happily Married said...

YAY for spring cleaning and organization! I'm so glad to hear that your parents met with someone that can give them some guidance if needed on this. With a long employment history like he has, he should fight to finish it how he wants to...not how a group of unloyal co-workers decides. I'll be praying for your family through this.

Kitty said...

Keep us posted!