Thursday, July 28, 2011

21 months

Yep, we are now only 3 months away from Brynna's 2nd birthday. Yowza!! I can't believe it's coming so soon!

So her stats for 21 months:

we did both of these at home over the weekend so they are completely unscientific (lol) and there is a large margin of error, I'm sure ;-)

weight: approx 24lbs
height: approx 31 in

ever my petite little munchkin. We were even at Wal.mart the other day and I had an old man comment on how cute she was followed with "what is she? 9 months?" I almost laughed! I just responded with a "nope, she's almost 2" and went on my merry way.

Since we did our spring clean over the weekend, we went through her closet and took out anything under 18 months. While 12 mo stuff still fits, they are getting pretty short (pants are now capris and tshirts tend to show her belly a bit). We are no where near 24 mo size yet! Maybe by next spring?
She's still in size 5 shoes, but I don't think for much longer. Her flipflops (that seems to be our go-to shoe these hot days) are fitting just right, so I'm thinking by September or her birthday we will go to the next size.
Diapers are all the same- size 4 'sposies and our normal CD.
Her vocan continues to explode! Everyday I swear she learns more and more words and is now putting some together like "go outside" and "play Kino" It's been exciting to see her learn :) Although just this morning she may or may not have tried to copy daddy when he said f*ck. Thankfully she can't really say "f" yet!

Since Batman got home, she's had a new favorite toy to play with. He brought her home a little stuffed horse that says "I <3 Texas" on the side. She takes that thing with her EVERYWHERE. She still loves playing with her babies though and we bring out her tea set every few days and have tea parties on the back deck. Puzzles are becoming a fast favorite again as well. We've also expanded our morning tv show to include Kipper sometimes! (she watches one show while we eat our breakfast- I hope this doesn't make me a bad mom?)
We've been playing outside more and more (obviously, since it's summer and all). One of our local parks has a huge splash pad and we spend at least one day a week there, sometimes 2 or 3. She's really been enjoying tot time at the library too! I'm hoping that all this interaction with other kids helps her socialize a bit. Since we stay home a lot, it's really all she gets other than Sunday School at church. I feel bad that we don't know more moms with kids that we can do playdates with. Any one of you want to move to Idaho so we can play?

She still has the irrational fear of all things bugs, although it's calmed down a little this past month. Now instead of freezing and being completely terrified, she'll run away and yell "bug, bug, bug!" I'm hoping she doesn't have this complex for life like her mom.

And that's all I can think of... Here are a couple pics from the last month:
Visiting Daddy at work
With our 95 yr old (great) grandma (Batman's Dad's mom)
At the Pancake House waiting for a table
Teaching her baby to play the piano
At our local splash pad
At the Snake River Stampede (yes we LOVE rodeo!)
July 4th with Daddy
In time out (yes I have to hold her there... not quite getting it yet)
Enjoying a yummy treat compliments of Auntie Amber!
Sitting on the front porch


Melissa said...

Oh wow, she's a tiny little thing - but so adorable! It's hard to believe that she'll be 2 years old soon. It sounds like she's a smart little cookie and doing extraordinarily well. Happy 21 months, Brynna!

Christina said...

I can't believe our girls are going to be 2 so soon!!!

I swear everytime I look at B's stats I think of what a beast Annika is!! She's about 30 pounds now and wears all 2T stuff.

Happily Married said...

So cute and so darn petite! LOVE the one of you having to hold her in timeout...that'll be a classic for years to come. And two? Where has the time gone?! BTW, LOVE your haircut!

Kitty said...

Hey T-
She's so cute! If you will, send me some info on when you use Timeout and for how long and does it seem to be working? Interseted in knowing more. Up til now we didn't think it would work or she'd understand but it's about time.
Thanks and take care!

someday-soon said...

She's adorable! That picture of her lying on batman in her dress on the 4th is soooo precious =)

Elizabeth said...

She is too cute. My DD #1 is petite. She has this one shirt that's 18 mos and it still fits her perfectly. She's almost 3! Good luck with the time out stuff- Delilah (DD #1) got timeout early on but we hit a point where she thought it was funny. Then she went back to not liking it- now it can be a battle to have her stand in the corner even.