Friday, April 27, 2012

20 weeks

Once again a week late... one of these days I'll get it right ;-)

On to the update! Here's the comparison shots at 20 weeks. I forgot again to take a bare belly pic with the camera so there's a crappy one with my phone too ;-)

(see? extremely crappy... and don't mind that I'm in pajamas) ;-)
Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 20 weeks

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about 10 inlong (about the size of a carrot) and weighs about 12 oz. (eek! half a pound!) - although we know Baby #2 was estimated at 14 oz from our u/s

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I show I'm 10 lbs overall still. According to the doc I'm up 12. Eh. It is what it is. I'm definitely doing better this time around so that's all that matters to me. And I think my ass is in MUCH better shape this time around, which is more of what matters ;-) HA!

Clothes: Maternity all the way! I need to invest in a new swimsuit soon too... anyone know where I can get one for a good deal?

Gender: Team BLUE! Although I was thrown for a loop, I'm starting to warm up to the idea!

Movement: More each day! I found out that I have an anterior placenta, making it harder to feel as much as I did with B. Knowing that has really helped ease some of my fears.

Sleep: unisom... every night...

What I miss: One of my cute tshirts that no longer fits. Being able to chase B around the playground without being so out of breath!

Cravings: Chinese food... didn't get any though

Symptoms: um... a giant belly? 

Moment this week: See above

What I'm looking forward to: Next Dr appt so I can hear this little man again :)

Milestones: Found out it's a BOY!


Kitty said...

You look adorable! I think you look great! I'm glad everything is going well!!!
:) Kitty

Lauren said...

You definitely seem to have popped! You look great!

I had an anterior placenta with Noah and that made me sad at first, thinking I wouldn't feel as much movement (I had a friend who claimed that). But I felt EVERYTHING. I couldn't even tell that my placenta was in the front. 20 weeks is still kind of early to be feeling constant strong movement, but I'm sure you will be very soon! Seriously, the anterior placenta didn't cushion a thing for me!

Shannon said...

Looking great!!

someday-soon said...

Your bump is looking great =)

I didn't feel regular movement until I was 21-22 weeks because of an anterior placenta. I'm sure it's just around the corner.

I wore a string bikini through my pregnancy and could just keep loosening the strings as I got bigger. I can actually still wear it now that I'm back to pre-preggo weight too. Saw some at Old Navy for $30. You could do a halter top ( with string bikini bottoms (