Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wish us luck!

With Batman out of town this week at a conference, we are DETERMINED to work on this potty training thing!

So far, one accident this morning :( But try, try again right? We are going for the "panties only" approach. No pull ups. No clothes.

I've got her on a "try every 30 min" schedule so far. Other than that, I need any advice that worked from BTDT mamas!

Wish us luck! I think it's going to be a very long few days!


Anne said...

You can add an incentive every time she uses the potty. We would do stickers or one fruit snack as a prize. Other than that, we did everything you did. By the end of the week I'm sure things will be great. Good luck again!

Fine For Now said...

Just lending words of encouragement! Keep going :-) She will get it :)

Melissa said...

Good luck with potty training! The one thing I have to say is that child readiness is HUGE. I didn't push it on Adrienne at all, mostly because I was busy with two other kids and I didn't have the time to micromanage her. She woke up one morning out of the blue, told me she wanted to wear "big-girl undies" and use the potty, and she's been accident-free since (including nights). I never had to "train" her and, from my experience, that was the best approach. She told me when she was ready and she was potty trained from that moment on. Zero effort on my part.

I hope everything goes well, but don't stress yourself out if things don't go as well as you would like. She's still very, very, very young!