Saturday, April 21, 2012

Keeping myself busy

Monday seems like an eternity away! I realize it's only a couple days, but goodness these days are taking forever!!

And to be honest I'm quite anxious for the u/s just like I was for B's. So I' m trying to keep myself busy. And so I've been crafting!

I made B this sweet little dress today/tonight and she is SO excited to wear it tomorrow! She picked out the fabric from my meager stash this afternoon and I got to work.

Now what to do with myself tomorrow??

A quick pt update: we are almost there!! B only had one accident today which was bm and managed to tell us when she needed to pee!! (shes in diapers at nap and bed time still... Not sure how to get pt With those... Although most naps she wakes up dry) I'm SO proud of her! And I won't lie... On Thursday I honestly was ready to give up and try in a month. But we persevered and she's been doing great the last couple days :)


Shannon said...

Cute dress! Good job with the potty training. I remember wanting to give up after the first couple days, but once they ~get~ it, it gets so much easier.

someday-soon said...

Love the dress!!! Can't wait to hear about your u/s. GL on the potty training...sounds like it's going much better.