Monday, August 25, 2008

Ahh! Sweet victory

So for some, it's a small thing, but for me, after 69 excruciating days, it is a HUGE deal.

AF FINALLY CAME!! YES!!!! I couldn't be more ecstatic about her arrival. We can finally move onto the next cycle and I am FINALLY calling my doc this afternoon. I can't wait to get in and get some answers from him. Last cycle I am pretty positive I didn't even O and then this hellishly long cycle (not quite as long as last one, but at least this time AF came on her own) I think I finally O'd a couple weeks ago when we were in Seatown visiting family and friends. Yes of course we BD'd then, and even though we didn't get a BFP, the practice was good for us (since we don't get enough... oh wait! what? For those of you who don't get that joke...scroll down my sidebar and click on the little football field. A chart will pop up and everytime you see a PM or AM in the little boxes, that means... well you can probably guess what that means... what can I say... we have a pretty active sex life LOL!)

So onto cycle 10 or 18 or 52 or whatever it is at this point. Hopefully we can get some help now (I've waited as long as Batman wanted me to).

Yay for AF! (who ever thought I would be saying that?)


Andrea said...

Yay! I'm happy that you are able to move on now. Lots of baby dust coming your way sweetie!

Carbon said...

Welcome AF! I hope you get some answers about those looong cycles.