Friday, August 29, 2008

Ho Hum Friday and week recap

Today has got to be THE most horrendously boring day here at work! I'm going insane!

In other news I finally connected with my online friend, H, last night and heard about little man's entrance :) Since he is already 4 weeks old, my call was a little overdue. He is doing great. Mom is doing great other than some BF issues. Dad is doing great. One little cute, happy family :) I can't wait to see pictures of the adorable little guy! (um... if H reads this.. HINT HINT ;-) )

It's been a terribly uneventful week in our house. Pretty much the highlight of our week beyond a softball game on Wednesday (which we won, by the way), was starting a new work out plan: Crossfit. It's kind of funny because Andrea blogged about the same thing on Sunday, which happened to be the same day Batman and I decided to also start the program. Let me tell you though, it is NOT for the fair-weather-worker outer. I have never been more sore in my LIFE and we have only had a good 3 days of work outs! (Thursday was a rest day) It's really, really intense. But you know what they say: "No pain, No gain" so I guess all this pain is going to pay off soon, right? I certainly hope so because I am really tired of my abs waking me up in the middle of the night every time I want to turn over.

Only 10 days until my doc appt! I am excited, but incredibly nervous about it, although I really have no reason to be whatsoever. My doc is AMAZING! I heart him :) As I was saying to my friend last night, I have a feeling I will be thrown on the Clomid wagon, but I guess there are worse things. Like shots. I wouldn't handle that well (great now I've probably jinxed myself into having to do injectibles!)AF is almost out of the house so the BDing will commence shortly... okay who am I kidding? AF really has never stopped that whole process at all.


Andrea said...

I echo your sentiment about work today! SOOOOO boring!!! I think I'm the only one here :)

Ok, I'm so pumped that you are doing Crossfit. Jim and I will start next week because of my cold...we'll definitely need to share stories and such. It's funny to think you and I will be doing the same workouts each day..haha!

And thanks for the warning. Sore muscles? I think I'll get the heating pad ready!

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