Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation Part II

So I just finished writing a whole, huge, detailed story about the rest of our brush with death in the wilds of Idaho and well... it all got erased. And now I am frustrated enough that I don't want to write it all out again (but it was very witty and engaging) so here's the short version:

Some locals ended up helping us out with some jumper cables and a car, then when that didn't work a nice Camper Man offered and then did, to take us down the mountain so we could get the help we needed. Only in podunk Idaho are people so dang NICE! Where else would people willingly let you into their vehicle for a 2ish hour trek down a mountain side? without knowing if YOU were the serial killer? (apparently my dad and I look harmless enough)

Turns out the battery was shot. So for $72 we got the Jeep up and running thanks to some very nice gentlemen here.

All in all our adventure was... interesting. I probably won't be going up to Silver City anytime soon, but it is pretty neat for those of you looking for something different to do when you visit Idaho (because I know it's on the top of everyone's places to visit before they die)

It's been a fun vacation so far, other than the Jeep problems, and we have been in Seattle for the last few days visiting friends and family. I will post pics and more stories when I have more time :0) Plus wonder of wonders! I have been tagged by Ophelia so I will be doing that as well. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had quite a vacation!!!

Morgan said...

Don't you just hate when you write a big ol' blog entry and then it gets lost..and you know the second time around wont sound as's a bummer!